Opening today: The Home and Garden Market Village

Home and Garden Market Village
Home and Garden Market Village

In the wake of the launch of The Nest and SL Designers Remix, another new area catering for the home and garden market is opening today (Saturday 1st October at 12 noon SLT) with a lovely themed build of a village.  But whereas you might find well-known designers at the first two, the Home and Garden Market has a slightly different and exciting mission.  The Home and Garden Market is seeking to support new home and garden content creators, providing an affordable location for them to sell from, with a real community spirit and advertising. As time goes by, they plan to incorporate one off sales events and hunts.

In addition to the stores in the form of houses that are arranged off wandering lanes around the village, there are maket stalls arranged along the winding lanes.  Unlike other regular malls, they are planning to keep their products fresh, by giving designers a monthly theme and changing the vendors every 2 weeks. Each vendor is asked to provide at least one market exclusive item (not available elsewhere) which is marked down to half price for the two weeks that they have their stalls – thus meaning there will always be fresh and new bargains for the regular visitors.

The Market is the brainchild of Heavenly Villa and Katy Glendevon, owners of L’aize Days and Marmalade Jam furnishing stores. They founded it in June 2011, and since then they have moved location twice, learning as they go, and expanding to the point where they have 12 stalls in total (4 of which accommodate permanent vendors) and 9 permanent stores in the Village.  Their newest redevelopment also includes a builders’ resource centre, housing full perm textures, sculptmaps etc, and a bargain dedicated sales area, where all items are set to L$15.

Home and Garden Market Village
Home and Garden Market Village

“We hope our improved layout appeals to our already loyal customer base,” Kathy Glendoven says.”The Village remains pretty, rural and a great place to wander – unearthing some great deals from stores people may not otherwise have heard of. We continue to look for new ways to advertise and support the vendors who have made our community a success.”

It certainly offers a great chance for customers to encounter new and upcoming designers – and for those designers to find a friendly and supportive community too!  If you’d like to find out more, they also have a blog:

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