PaleIllusion and Nexuno Take UWA In September

'You Can't Touch Heaven' by Paleillusion. Photo courtesy of the UWA in SL.

This just in from Jayjay Zifanwe:

Paleillusion and Nexuno Thespian, first time entrants to the UWA Open Art Challenge shocked the field in taking the top two spots, with ‘You Can’t Touch Heaven’ (L$10,000) and ‘Autumn’ (L$7,500) respectively.

'Autumn' by Nexuno Thespian. Photo courtesy of the UWA in SL.

Even bigger winners in terms of prize money were Romy Nayar, whose work, Fantasia En La Sombra, took 4 prizes and L$13,500 (3rd Overall, Nordan Prize, S&S Gallery OFA Prize, 2nd in the People’s Choice) and Josiane Sorciere, who won 3 prizes and L$12,500 (Curator’s Prize, Phi Designs Prize, 1st in the People’s Choice). Nish Mip’s ‘The Crossing’ was joint 3rd with Romy, ensuring all 3 parts of a sweeping saga on the end of virtual worlds created by Nish feature in the Grand Finale.

'Fantasia en la Sombra' by Romy Nayar. Photo courtesy of the UWA in SL.

SL art veteran, sledge Roffo’s work, ‘Primscape Dream’ also gained entry to the Grand Finale by virtue of winning 2 Group Prizes (Pirats Prize & The Peace Prize), with the incomparable soror Nishi taking the Non-Scripted Prize with ‘Still Life’.  2 Mesh works featured in the Awards with Pumpkin Tripsa taking the project Z Prize with ‘Water’ and Artistide Despres continuing her unrivalled 6 month winning streak, taking the UTSA Prize.

'Still Life' by Soror Nishi (also up for auction at the BoobieThon!). Image courtesy of the UWA in SL.

(NOTE from Prim Perfect: Soror’s ‘Still Life’ is on auction for the BoobieThon, and at last check, Saffia had the top bid – so go beat her! This auction also includes a new, one-of-kind mesh sculpture by Pumpkin, it is a must see – with the right viewer, of course!)

Pumpkin Tripsa's 'Water' is one of the first mesh artworks in the UWA - and on the grid! Photo courtesy of the UWA in SL.

As the entire competition winds down (this next round is the FINAL for the year), the artists are really upping their game. You can see the complete results – and images! – at the UWA in SL blog.

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