Urgent Message from Builders Brewery – please rejoin the group!

Builders Brewery logo
Builders Brewery logo

We’ve received a message from DeAnn Dufaux, one of the instructors at Builders Brewery – the amazing resource and training centre for builders – and just plain users – in Second Life.

It seems that Builders Brewery has had a bad glitch effect from Linden Lab’s asset-server bugging out. It’s resulted in 16,700 people being kicked from their very popular group. If you were a member, you should now rejoin – and they are saying that if you know anyone who was likely to be a member, they would very much appreciate it if you’d let them know that they can now rejoin.

Please pass this on and share with other blogs as much as you can.

Builders Brewery
Builders Brewery

And if you haven’t heard about Builders Brewery before but would like to find out about what this excellent organisation does, you can find out more by watching our Designing Worlds show on the Brewery.


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