Sequoia, Elara and Sway join Happy Hunting today to share all their Hunt News!

We’re back with another episode of Happy Hunting! with our host Cinders Vale bringing you all the news and interviews about Hunts in Second Life – this week with guests Sequoia Nightfire, ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat and Sway Dench.

Peace on Earth Hunt poster
Peace on Earth Hunt poster

Sequoia and Elara are in the studio to discuss the amazingly successful – and huge – annual Peace on Earth Huntthat runs throughout the holiday season. Now in its fourth year, there are over two hundred gifts to find from across the grid. It has an extensive web-site – with a page of helpful hunting tips!

Sway is hosting her annual Advent Hunt in her lovely Christmas village (complete with Christmas stores!) on her Swayland sim – this year with the help of two of her co-renters. Participants need to find the giftboxes hidden across the sim and open them to find the passwords that will unlock the gifts (1 per day) hidden around the Christmas tree. But we couldn’t visit Sway’s without stopping to see to see the adorable Cookie Bears too – especially those busy with winter activities!

The Advent gifts at Swayland
The Advent gifts at Swayland

In addition, Angie Mornington is reporting on all the latest hunt news – and showing some of the great things you can find out there!

And, of course, we’ll be bringing you the details of the winner of our Where in the World is MarkTwain White? competition! Did you find the place where the gnome was hiding? We reveal the location – and name the lucky winner! And there will be a whole new Where in the World is Mark Twain White? Will you be able to find the little gnome this time?

And there will be a mini-hunt on Garden of Dreams available only for our live audience with a very special gift from Sway’s!

All About Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting! is the new show from, all about hunts in Second Life and other virtual worlds. The show is presented by Cinders Vale, well-known as the RFL Survivors/Caregivers chair. She’s joined by Frequency Picnic, our Hunt News Reporter.

In each show we have news of ongoing and upcoming hunts, tips, advice, and shout-outs for hunts that are looking for participants. We show items that have caught our eye, as well as interviews with some of the people behind the hunts.

Happy Hunting! studioHappy Hunting! studio

Then there’s a competition—Where in the World is MarkTwain White?

Before each show, Mark (the man behind the popular Sail On programme and maker of RFL films) will be placing a little gnome statue somewhere on the grid and taking a picture. That photo will be shown on the show, and a couple of exclusive clues will be given by Mark and Cinders. Viewers will have to identify the location and complete the entry form on the blog—and the winner will be announced on the following show. The prize should be around L$2,000.

So do come and join us at 3pm today– and if possible, get here a little early to be sure of getting a seat!

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