Talks at the Expo: Gwen Carillon

Prim Perfect are hosting a series of regular talks and discussions at the SL Christmas Expo.

Today at 3pm in the Prim Perfect Pavilion on Frosty, Saffia Widdershins will be in conversation with Gwen Carillon, owner of Elements in Design and GCD, and Founder of the Content Creators Association.

Christmas Expo Talk: Gwen Carillon
Christmas Expo Talk: Gwen Carillon

Gwen has had a multi-faceted Second Life career.  Well known as an artist, dhe is also a unique and individual designer, with builds ranging from the incredibly welcoming coffee house that was much loved on the Gossipgirl sims, to the elegant opalescent of the Cathedral formly on Eostara and now on her Elements in Design sim.  Her jewellery is beautiful and unique in real life and Second Life, and she’s now started creating the most wonderful clothes too.

Gwen will be talking about all this and more to Saffia Widdershins at 3pm today.

Come along and learn more!

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