Filming today for Happy Hunting!

Happy Hunting! logo
Happy Hunting! logo

We’re back in the studio today to film the next episode of Happy Hunting! at 3pm today, Friday 16th December 2011, on our super new set in the Designing Worlds studio on Garden of Dreams2– and you can be a part of it!

We will have an exciting guest in the studio and Frequency Picnic, our hunt reporter, will be on hand with all the latest hunt news, and some examples of the wonderful items she’s found.

And, of course, we’ll be bringing you the details of the winner of our Where in the World is MarkTwain White? competition! Did you find the place where the gnome was hiding? We’ll be revealing the location – and naming the lucky winner!

And there will be a special mini-hunt available only for our live audience!

So do come and join us at 3pm today– and if possible, get here a little early to be sure of getting a seat!

Happy Hunting! studio
Happy Hunting! studio

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