Join us for the last episode of Happy Hunting – until 2012!

Happy Hunting!
Happy Hunting!

We’re back with another episode of Happy Hunting! with our host Cinders Vale bringing you all the news and interviews about Hunts in Second Life – this week with guests Spooky Mistswallow and Lynn Pooley of Candy Cane 3, and Phoenix Welles talking about the adult themed Merry XXX-Mas Hunt! We’ll be showing this episode at 3pm in our Garden of Dreams studio today, Friday 23rd December – so do come and join us!

In addition, Frequency Picnic is reporting on all the latest hunt news – and showing some of the great things you can find out there!

And, of course, we’ll be bringing you the details of the winner of our Where in the World is MarkTwain White? competition! Did you find the place where the gnome was hiding? We reveal the location – and name the lucky winner! And there will be a whole new Where in the World is Mark Twain White? Will you be able to find the little gnome this time?

And there will be a mini-hunt on Garden of Dreams available only for our live audience with a very special gift!

So do come and join us at 3pm today – and if possible, get here a little early to be sure of getting a seat!

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