Finale! Quartet of Romantic Places: Favourites of the Prim Perfect Readers

Written by Eva Bellambi
Photography by Wren Carling

On some subjects the cynics are correct.  Romance neither begins nor ends with Valentine’s Day.  Romance and affection are meant to last despite waxing and waning in a cycle almost like that of the moon.

Romance in the sense of these set of blog posts is both noun and verb and this author, for one, does not wish to ever be without romance in either form even if that means that it is found only in well-written poems or stories.

Romance: (n) a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love

The final voice of our quartet arrives with pure tone, and lilting rhythm.  Wizardhat Studios (Rati dAlliez) is the canvas of real world artist, Ben Cohen, who in 2008 was introduced to Second Life by a friend. Per his website, the door was then opened to virtual reality building. Wizardhat Studios is aptly described as “a living painting that enables its audience to become completely immersed in it, a part of it.”

Teleporting into the sim near the shoreline, one is immediately aware of the peacefulness which surrounds one.  The sounds of the waves, birds, and weather take over the senses and it is easy to lose oneself in the moment.  The setting is perfectly wonderful for romance.  Take a leisurely stroll feeling the rhythm of the place setting the pace. Along your way you will find meadowland and glades perfect for conversation, reflection, and lovemaking.

Lovemaking: (n) courtship, wooing

Throughout Wizardhat there are many locations with couples’ intans as well as benches, rocks, and ground for snuggling close together.  I also discovered that there is an area in the meadow dedicated to tai chi.

Climbing near one of the many waterfalls, you will discover that snow that has been lost in shadow or altitude is still melting.  You will also be lucky enough to find a perfect place for yoga and meditation, or to sit with your darling dangling your feet over the rock or in the birthplace of the waterfall.

Continuing along the line of mountains and cliffs you will find several turrets or gazebos with excellent dance and cuddle poses.  One of the more secluded of these contains a fireplace in front of which you might dance or simply sit and talk to one another.

Romance: (v) to court or woo

A couple of unexpected delights were found in the form of little islands (floating or otherwise) which are perfect for romantic enjoyment of one another.  One of the islands has an excellent claw-foot tub with couples’ poses, another simply has a couples’ dance machine, and yet another island has a mosquito-netted tent with furniture including couples’ poses which is surrounded by glorious blooming flowers and sits in the shade of a dogwood tree.

The beaches and waterways are also a delight.  Waves crash to the shore, orcas play in the current, and there is a little sailboat that you may rez and tour around in.

Two of the structures on the sim are larger than the others and contain ample room for dancing and exploring with your loved one.  One of these is the Wizardhat Studio where selections from the artist, also known as Wizardhat Mornington, may be seen.  This is where I ended my visit to the sim.  After looking through the art exhibit, I climbed to the roof deck of the building, lay back and watched the fireworks as they filled this peaceful, romance-filled world with colored light and stars.

It is my hope that you will continue to seek those places that bring you happiness together whether that be a place filled with adventure, peace, or silliness.  Happiness together will surely breed romance, and will keep you feeling that excitement and mystery together.

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