In Waiting – A new art installation by Alexx Fenstalker

alexx_003Artist Alexx Fenstalker will be unveiling a new art installation on Saturday, March 3rd at 7pm SLT. The work is installed at Gruntled Gallery on the Amicus Curiae sim in Avalon Town.

Alexx says that the inspiration for this work was the Chopin piece, Prelude 28 no. 4; adding “I wanted to create something that spoke to moments in time and how they can feel real in our memory and still be something that has passed.” The name, In Waiting, was inspired when she found that the mood of the installation struck her as what it feels like to wait for something, and how time seems to slow down while you wait, and then speed up and fly by once you get to it.

As in other works by Alexx, the textures of the installation are created in the physical world, using gouache paint. They are then scanned and reassembled in virtual reality. All aspects of the piece were created by the artist, including shapes, poses and animations.

alexx_002Various statues throughout the installation are actually poses that allow visitors to become a part of the work; waiting for their own moment in time, or running quickly through it.

The piece has the added aspects of music and video. Alexx has been learning to play the piano in real life and recorded her own version of Chopin’s Prelude 28, no. 4 that plays inside the installation. She filmed a machinima inside the work, which will show on the media stream on site as well.

As with much of Alexx’s work, the piece conveys more of an emotion or feeling than it tells a specific story. Visitors may find themselves anticipating their own moment in time or thinking about moments that have slipped past them.

In Waiting

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