Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 8 – DreamSeeker Zeit

Report by: Beq Janus Photos by: Judith Lefevre

Day 8, and we have entered the home straight, the last few days of the first major fund-raiser for the 2012 Relay for Life of Second Life season.

The Fashion For Life event total has now reached  4.7 million Lindens, that elusive 5 million mark is within our reach, the designer and merchants are making new creative offers to make it worth our while so keep on shopping!

We have concluded our time travelling and returned from the past, leaving the fading roman empire, and passing back through the medieval rustic delights of DreamSeeker Epoque to the reassuring, familiar ground, of DreamSeeker It’s Time. There is only one way left for us now and so we turn Southwards and walk into the “present”.

Our first visit will be to DreamSeeker Zeit, sponsored by Ala Folie and built by Grace Loudon. Zeit is german for time but the sim itself could not possibly be any less german. We pass through Azul and find ourselves in front of a large sign proclaiming “Welcome to Hopeville”. We are in a late 50s early 60s american town and everything is sunshine and sweetness.

The sim consists of two main streets linked by a central Art Deco style cinema building, aptly named The Triumph, this is the main store for sim sponsor Ala Folie. As usual Roscko Cobalt’s exquisite maps give us a great guide.

The sim is beautifully designed with bold designs in pastel colours, it is one of the exceptions in this event where the individual stores have been customised to some extent giving them unique places in the town, and giving the town character.

The streets feature the occasional period vehicle parked at the kerbside and they are wonderfully detailed. You can sit inside the cadillac coupe outside the cinema for an authentic 50’s cruising feel. Designer, Grace Loudon, has provided a couple of extra buildings, the first a diner that acts as a much needed seating area from where you can observe the shoppers, cam shop, or simply relax. My favourite though is the petrol filling station which has been commandeered as a gatcha vendor mall.The sim sponsor AlaFolie have made wonderful use of the cinema building with a range of posters outside, keeping the movie theme going.

This build thumbs its nose at detailed texturing and ultra-detailed shadows and reflections, it keeps things simple and clean, and it works. The soft pastels and striking signage and decoration all work together to make this a fun place to visit.

Join me tomorrow when we get really colourful in Dreamseeker Tijd, but in the meantime, keep a lookout for special offers as the merchants start to wind down and we see a final push to drive up the fuinds flowing into the charity coffers.


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