Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 9 – DreamSeeker Tijd

Report by: Beq Janus Photos by: Judith Lefevre

It’s Sunday, Day 9, and in fact today is the last of the commercial sims for us to cover. Tomorrow we will take a look at DreamSeeker Tiempo, where all the major entertainment events have taken place.

The Fashion For Life event total has now reached  4.9 million Lindens, achingly close to the 5 million, or to put it another way 500 US dollars shy of 20 grand! So the ball is in our court, put a last call out, tweet and bleat, and plurk and shout, like and dig for all you are worth.

Yesterday we spent a fun time in DreamSeeker Zeit in all its pastel coziness. Today we are heading further south and closer to the present day. We are about to cross the threshold into the technicolor world of DreamSeeker Tijd. We can get a flavour of the style from the map below. I have used the maps of Roscko Cobalt throughout these blogs and  I owe him a debt of gratitude for this wonderful body of work.

As we can see the sim is laid out as two squares linked by the central sponsors store and borders on the east and west edges by pretty tropical beaches.

We are in DreamSeeker Tijd, sponsored by Indyra Designs and Built by Nigel Riel and before we leap into this blog, I will admit that you almost got a very different blog posting for this sim. When I first saw it, one word came to mind. “Mondrian”

The predominance of white in the structures the black lines and coloured panels all spoke of Piet Mondrian’s Compositions which he produced predominantly in the 1920s and 30s. but the brightly coloured floor seemed somehow out of sync, the pallette was wrong, and what was the large glittering globe? It took an off the cuff mention of a small feature that many will miss, by my ever observant photographer, Judith.

“Did you see the Patridges on the beach.” She said. “It’s from an old TV show called the Partridge family”.

A few googles later and I was watching a 1970’s TV sitcom from the US, about a widow and her five children who are musicians and travel around in in a bus. The bus is painted in the style of Mondrian. The cute partridges can be seen through the sign boards down on the beach in the middle.

Suddenly things began to fall into place; this was not a Neo-Plasticism sim, it was pure 1970s disco indulgence. The glorious lighted floor, with the doormats that glow as you cross over them, the giant sparkiling glitter ball above the Indyra Designs store. All I needed now was John Travolta and the bee gees.

There is no Saturday Night Fever but Nigel Riel did link in an iconic disco reference when he built the Gacha bay.

The frontage of the Gacha bay captures the style of the legendary New York disco, Studio 54. whilst inside you’ll find a special disco dance floor behind the vendors.

The sim is the most zany of the event builds in terms of colour scheme so take in the theme and the thought that Nigel has put into the build as you walk around. Oh and take time to look at your feet as you walk in to any store and if you are anything like me you’ll be jumping back and forth like a kid to make the floor light up.

To cover all the stores you’ll need to do a loop round, a figure eight works well. Rumour has it (thanks Harper) that designer Nigel Riel actually spent all his time on this sim wearing roller skates to keep the creative muse with him. That would actually be a great way to whizz around, shame we missed the opportunity to put a vendor out selling sequined skates.

The southern edge of the sim is completely black. There is no direct entrance into the next sim (DreamSeeker Tiempo) because one of the stages backs on to the border. Instead you must head to the South East corner and walk through the tunnel. I’ll meet you there tomorrow when we conclude our tour of the Fashion For Life 2012 builds and say our farewell to the event for another year.



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