Fashion For Life 2012 – Day 10 – DreamSeeker Tiempo

Report by: Beq Janus Photos by: Judith Lefevre

It’s Monday, Day 10, and we reach the end of the tour. Tomorrow Fashion For Life will close for the 2012 season, all the builds will be removed, the stores will close and all that will be left will be the vast bulge in your inventory! No bulge? Then get back there now and buy more goodies. Today, we will take a look at DreamSeeker Tiempo, where all the major entertainment events have taken place.

The Fashion For Life event total is about to push through the 5 million Linden dollar target.  But we are not done yet. In a blog post on the FFL website today, Harper Beresford, threw down the gauntlet to us all today.

Last year I offered to be a chicken if we reached 4.75 million linden by the end of Fashion for Life. We did and I came through (and ran the sims naked too). This year if we reach 5.25 Million by close tomorrow, I will fly the sims as a pig, blog it, and make a big stinkin deal. So there you go, folks! Get me in that pig head and wings! Make us hit 5.25 million–all for Relay for Life!

Back to the topic of the day, entertainment. Yesterday we glammed it up in the 1970s sim DreamSeeker Tijd. Today, we leave the retail world behind and have some serious fun. The DreamSeeker Tiempo sim sponsored by DreamSeeker Estates Corporation and Built by Anoron Hanson, is the entertainment sim for the event; placed down at the bottom of the cross it has been constantly pumping out great live music and DJ sets, as well as hosting fashion specific events.

The sim is entered to the east side because one of the stages backs on to the sim to the north. A long glass tunnel carries you over the watery sim crossing.
The sim has three main stage areas , each one designated for a specific type of event.
(1) DJ events which were known as “DJ Open Mic”
(2) Live performances referred to as  “ Live on Stage”
(3) Concerts which were promoted as “ Concert under the stars”

Anoron Hanson built the sim, working with Samantha Ohrberg to ensure it was suited to its primary purpose.

“Working with Anonron Hanson our sim builder was a joy.” Said Samantha Ohrberg, who was in charge of managing the entertainment. “The goal was to keep it dreamy with a fantasy feel to keep in with the spirit of the name  Dream Seeker. “
The resulting sim is a delightful place to be, it has an overall Japanese feel to it, which was not specifically part of the design brief but gives the build a thematic charm that binds the areas together.
“Anonron’s vision took a life of its own and everyone is extremely pleased.” concludes an overjoyed Samantha.
Beyond the three main stages there was also a specially created catwalk built by Roe Woodford with Samantha again overseeing the project. This allowed fashion shows to be held in a dedicated venue.
Tucked away in the far corner, but certainly not forgotten, a special Pink Floyd stage set used for one of the spectacular tribute band shows.
If you have been far too busy shopping and have not yet had a chance to visit the  DreamSeeker Tiempo sim then take this last opportunity before it vanishes. Tomorrow will be a big day for partying and of course, a certain porcine parade, but only if we can push the total to Harper’s target.
I cannot close this blog without paying a quick tribute to Harper and her team. Organising an event such as Fashion For Life is not something to be trifled with. There are inevitable Real Life issues that suddenly mean a change of plans, the enormous challenge of getting hundreds of designers and merchants to sponsor and donate, and then to setup their stores. Not to mention getting 10 sims fully built by some of the best (and busiest) builders on the grid, to a tight schedule, with a strict “no lag” policy, and of course, having to deal with nit-picking, busy body bloggers ;-).
When the curtain falls on Fashion For Life, Harper and her team could be forgiven for crawling into bed and not emerging for a fortnight. Somehow though, I suspect that that is not going to happen…..
I would therefore like to say, on behalf of all Fashion For Life visitors, an enormous thank you to all those who had a hand in bringing the great success that Fashion For Life 2012 has been, to us.

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