The ultimate prison is in your mind …

Sanity Falls Poster
Sanity Falls Poster

MadPea, who were our featured region back in the Halloween 2011 issue of Prim Perfect, have announced the launch of a scary new game: Sanity Falls.  Kiana Writer, the head of MadPea, believes it’s their best yet – and the video they’ve created is certainly impressive!

The MadPea Company – and you can learn more about them here – are probably Second Life’s leading exponents of creating video-like games within the Second Life environment, with some of the greatest creative minds in Second Life working on the team (as well as Kiana, there’s Lorin Tone, Madcow Cosmos, Harter Fall, Smiley Dyrssen, paramparamm Papp, Eolene Uralia and Midgard Ibanez … to name but a few).

Interestingly, this game has actually been created without using any of the new tools that Linden Lab are developing – and which MadPea are eagerly anticipating.

“I’m just so impressed what the team is doing with the limitations we have,” says Kiana – and, come April 1st when the game officially launches, she won’t be the only one!


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