Celebrate our Fifth Birthday and share your memories of Prim Perfect!

Prim Perfect Issue 1: May 2007
Prim Perfect Issue 1: May 2007

 Prim Perfect magazine will be five years old on the First of May – and we’re planning to celebrate our past, as well as looking forward to the future!

But one of the things that has made the magazine so great is the people who’ve been involved with that – the people who’ve worked on the magazine, the people we’ve met and interviewed and photographed, the people who’ve advertised with us and, of course, our amazing readers!

So what was your favourite article? Can you pick one out from the last five years? Or perhaps a favourite cover, or a favourite picture?  Has Prim Perfect led you to discover an amazing place or a fantastic designer … perhaps even a whole new grid?

Here’s your chance to tell us about it! Fill in this form (there’s also a link to it in our right hand navigation column) and we will try to include your story in our birthday magazine or blog posts!

And here to refresh your memory is our very first issue at Calameo!

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