A Trip Down Memory Lane: Cave Rua

Written by Eva Bellambi
Photography by Wildstar Beaumont

Having decided that I would revisit a sim from each of Prim Perfect’s 5 years in honor of the magazine’s anniversary, it was with some trepidation that I began reviewing the issues to determine what places I might highlight. I was pleased and relieved to discover that Cave Rua, the landscape of the month in the very first issue in May 2007, is still in existence. Most of us have experienced the heartbreak or shock as favorite sims have disappeared from our virtual worlds.  Worse yet may be the feeling one experiences when the sim is still there – is perhaps called the same thing – but has changed character so completely that it is difficult to even make one’s feet move once things rez.  Sometimes, though, the sims remain as we recall or have even improved in theme or design.

Much as those intrepid reporters from the first issue of Prim Perfect discovered, so too have I found Cave Rua to afford many lovely locations for the explorer of sims. Upon teleportation to the welcome location, one will find inexpensive scuba gear for sale just in case you forgot your own back at home. Following the natural stone pathway from the dock, you will find information about Cave Rua and several teleporters to the main locations around the sim.

All areas of Cave Rua are open to the public. The management do have auto return on the land set for 2 hours so you that may rez pose balls, vehicles or other things while you are there.  Do bear in mind that this is a General (G) sim as you select clothing, poses, and other objects.

I began my expedition at the Water Gardens where I explored caves and climbed stairs and along paths lined with blooming flowers and situated beside waterfalls. Near the bottom of the stone stairs is a teleportation hub which allows for travel to an area where you may swim with the mermaids – or be a mermaid – and explore the reef and underwater grotto.  As well, one may choose to head to a private area for meditation, which is situated about 100 meters up in the air.

All around the area you will find self guided tours available; just sit on the pose balls whether in or out of the vehicles, to take a tour from land, air or sea.  The scuba diving tour was particularly fun. I had a very enjoyable time simply walking the sim as well.  The castle area affords some shopping opportunities for landscaping needs, buildings, and textures. During one of my walks, I stumbled upon a pirate’s cove.  Things here were a bit more menacing, but still very interesting.  Mind the bloody footprints leading from the area that appears to be an altar of some sort.

All in all experiencing Cave Rua affords many interesting and lovely places to explore either under one’s own power or via tours.  The diverse, yet equally pleasing, landscapes of cave, beach, grotto, reefs, and castle offer areas for play, dancing, relaxing, and swimming.  A re-read of the original review from 2007, brings into sharp relief that much of the sim remains unchanged. In this instance, that is really a rather pleasing realization.

One comment

  1. Did you know that Cave Rua was built by a merman for mermaids? It was so beautiful and it was packed FULL of mermaids back in 2008 when I had joined them and learned the mermaid greeting, “Tala.” They taught me everything a fresh young mermaid needed to know. I used to go there every day and there were always several mers there dancings, swimming, mer couples cuddling or just mers sitting and relaxing while they all talked. It was the most active mer community in Second Life at the time. I’m not entirely sure what changed. I think there were some disagreements in the mer community there that had never been settled properly. I know the owner wasn’t around as much for a while. My own SL out of the waters had gotten quite busy, but I still returned to Cave Rua at least once or twice a week, and each month there were less and less mers coming. Eventually the place becase a ghost ship. It’s still just as beautiful as it was back then. But to the mermaid community it’s dead, and a bit of a source of sadness for us. Most mermaid communities now require a fee for you to be there, and there are many mers who can’t afford it. Then there’s mer rp places, but many of us didn’t have as much interest in rp, but just to be mermaids living in the ocean, much as humans and other types of av live on the land. Such rp places also tend to be rather graphic, to put it lightly. There hasn’t been a simple place where many mers gather since the fall of Cave Rua, so most new mers wander aimlessly.But those of us who were around back in the day remember it with fondness and a bit of sadness. It would be lovely to see it active again as it once was :).

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