Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 2- The Ruins of Nu Orne

Words By Beq Janus
Pictures By Judith Lefevre
In Faireland lore, it is called the Unweaver.  In the Outworld, it is called cancer. It lurks in the dark recesses of the Many Realms and works to tear down all that we would build. But Faireland magic is deep.  We are a power beyond measure and we come together to  take the fight to the enemy.  The children of the Fairelady are marching. In her light, Death itself trembles.  May she bless the Faire and each of us. And with $6544 USD now in hand, that blessing is magic you can believe in.
– Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer
Day 2 of Fantasy Faire 2012 and we set forth upon our adventures,  stepping  through the shimmering portal at Fairelands Junction. The magic flows out from the alcove, wrapping around us, drawing us in, our bodies shimmer and tingle, the lights glow bright then collapse to blackness.
Slowly shapes begin to appear, grey ghosts of trees against a sky of mauve, then with a rush the scene snaps into reality and we find ourselves transported…
Fantasy Faire - Nu Orne
Welcome to Nu Orne, a humid rainforest with an other-worldly feel. All around us the skeletal remains of once great temples stretch beyond the eye, piercing the canopy of trees to scrape the sky. The Ruins of Nu Orne, worthy of UNESCO preservation, are sponsored by Zacch Barkley of Arcanum and built by Elicio Ember. From the moment you arrive you see the decay of the ruins but realise too that the entire jungle is alive.
Frogs, insects and birds join voices to create an impressive sonic backdrop to match the visual delights.
Many of you will know Elicio from his own store Cerridwen’s Cauldron or perhaps from his wonderful work at last year’s Fantasy Faire where he landscaped two of the sims and helped out with a number of others where his talent for capturing nature was used to great effect.
Fantasy Faire - Ruins of Nu Orne, Rainforest canopy
This is not the only sim that Elicio has built this year and we will see more of his work later in the week when we visit Siren’s Secret.
Nu Orne is Tolkien’s elvish for Under Tree. It is Elicio’s passion for Fantasy Environments that drives so much of his creativity and for this year’s Fantasy Faire he wanted to find a new angle, his own take on a fantasy jungle ruin.
Fantasy Faire - Ruins of Nu Orne, Street view.
The jungle ruin is certainly not an original concept, with Mayan and Aztec ruins stunningly portrayed a number of times. But this is something else, Elicio has instead looked Eastwards and taken architectural inspiration for the Ruins of Nu Orne, from the much less common Asian ruins such as Sukhothai in Thailand or the more famous ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. With such rich architectural guidance, Elicio has then woven his own fantastical interpretation of jungle vegetation; mixing his passionate love of nature in all its forms, with his inner sci-fi/fantasy geek, to deliver a uniquely atmospheric adventure to the Faire visitors.
I relay because I think generosity is the only thing that can improve our world and our species, and it is sorely needed. We have been taught that for someone to win, someone has to loose. This is not true, its only one model of being. One state of mind. And, in my point of view, one that has to change.
Fantasy Faire - Ruins Of Nu Orne, fantastical vegetation.


Its not true that someone has to loose. There can be many ways of doing win-win situations. The Faire is an excelent example of one.
  • Everyone has a beautiful land to explore,
  • Designers get to do and experiment,
  • Sponsors and shopkeepers get publicity on one of the grid’s best events
  • Shoppers get rare and great builds and designs, and all the while benefiting a great cause.
Everyone wins!
I hope people take away this from the Faire, that we can all win, as well as a sense of wonder, and that they remember that all the wonder we create is based on this wonderful world we inhabit, and that we need to learn to be better stewards for it.
– Elicio Ember, 2012
Fantasy Faire - Nu Orne, in the jungle.
The map below guides our journey, starting outside Arcanum, the main sponsor’s store, we will head North, our journey is going to take us full circle through the Fairelands as we immerse ourselves in this and other delights that await. There are 17 stores here, each store is contributing to the event and to the cause and there are some breathtaking items, often limited edition available from the vendors displayed by each merchant.
but please do not make the mistake of thinking that you should not stray from the path. There secrets to be found, rewards for the intrepid and curious. Go forth and seek.
Fantasy Faire - Ruins of Nu Orne, The secret of the Crystal Caves
 Once we have climbed to the highest platforms, and delved deep into the caves, when our arms are weighed heavy with our purchases, then our exploring is done.
We find our way back to the path and head to the Northern border, the jungle thins and stone and rock give way to….to candy?
Tomorrow, we will be visiting Jungle Bungle by Mayah Parx. I hope you will join us.
In the meantime, do not forget the entertainments back on the stage, and watch out for the Fantasy Faire Sheriff and his posse who will be jailing Fantasy Faire Celebrities


  1. There is nothing new under the sun … But what about over it? That’s the way the Wizards think. That’s the way Elicio think.

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