Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 3- Jungle Bungle

Words and Pictures By Beq Janus
The articles of the Fairelands make it clear, that the Faireland Sheriffs have ultimate control. This was observed throughout the day as Sheriff Pinky grabbed over 8 of our Faireland residents and held them under lock and key until significant bail had been raised!
[As a result of the Sheriff’s diligent efforts, generous donations and sales, $9013 USD has been raised for our fight back against cancer!]
– Friends Fighting Cancer
Day 3 of Fantasy Faire 2012 has arrived and we step away from Nu Orne, leaving behind the crumbling ruins and serenading frogs. The way ahead is marked out by a large tree stump and magical lettering shimmers in the air.”Welcome to Jungle Bungle” it proclaims. Stepping through the tree stump, the lighting shifts, a deeper purple night is upon us and a gorgeous pink moon guides our way.
Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle, where the streets are paved with Jellybeans
The path ahead is paved with candy, the air is thick with the smell of chocolate, and anyone who came to the Faire last year will kinow that Mayah Parx a.k.a The Toymaker of the Epic Toy Factory, has had a hand in this.
In fact, Mayah is both sponsor and builder of Jungle Bungle and somehow I cannot imagine it being any other way. Ever creative Mayah’s imagination flows fast and strong, she rebuilds her Epic Toy Factory sim about 3 times a year. No doubt it would be four if she weren’t abducted and put to work for the Fantasy Faire.
Fantasy Faire, Jungle bungle beanstalk
 Beyond the path a gentle patchwork land undulates in soft low hills, striking trees of gold, purple and blue, glow in the moonlight. But you cannot avoid being drawn to the towering, dominating feature of the land. A gigantic beanstalk.
Fantasy Faire - map of Jungle Bungle
We head North to the corner of the path. Small shops have been setup in pastel coloured organic stores. Perhaps these are the Bean sprouts of the Beanstalk itself? But something is not right, the beanstalk does not rise into the clouds as we might expect. Jack has chopped it down, but why cut it so high?
Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle, desk store
We turn left following the path until it reaches an enormous desk, a coffee table and a dressing table. I wave to a passing Elf and ask what happened here.
“Young master Jack, he is what happened Miss”, replies the elf. “He was climbing up the stalk one day when by accident one of the leaves snapped off in his hand.”
Looking up at the beanstalk, we suddenly notice that there is chocolate pouring from it, no wonder the air is thick with the smell.
“The sap leaked out and Jack noticed that it was chocolate. Young master Jack, he no sooner tasted the chocolate as he set about chopping down the stalk.” The elf stops and waves his hands about. “The rest is clear. We’ve made the best of the aftermath!”
He wanders off grumbling, though his blackened teeth and chocolate smeared face suggest he might not be quite so hard done by as he makes out.
The rest is becoming clear. Jack tasing the chocolate and seeing the dollar signs, decided to cap the beanstalk and export the chocolate to make his fortune. In doing so he caused the giant’s world to come crashing down into the Faire lands and the furniture and jam jars that litter the land are all part of the giant’s belongings. Sadly, he will not be reclaiming them.
Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle, the giant meets a sticky end.
But not wishing to see such riches go to waste the Elves have set about repurposing the furniture. Every table and desk has become a wonderful store for one of the great designers at Fantasy Faire.
Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle, desk store.
Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle, Gatcha jar in a coffe table store
Every “furniture” store has a glass jar inside which holds the gacha items.
It is perhaps fitting too that in a sim dominated by the giant and outsize, there is a focus upon one of the latest trends in Second Life, brought to us by mesh, the petite avatar. These tiny avatars typically no more than knee high to a normal avatar are just as detailed as a regular avatar, perfect for those for whom fantasy lies in the realm of the tiny fae folk.
There are drawbacks, if you can call them that. Your wardrobe will no longer fit your petite form so you will have to buy all new outfits! What a shame I hear you cry, and of course there is no time better than now, at the Fantasy Faire, to load up that inventory and push up the Faire’s contributions to the fight against Cancer. A totla that right now, stands at a wonderful 2.4 million Linden dollars. Well done everyone.
It is time for us to head on our way. There are many more delights for us to see on this tour of the Fantasy Faire. We are at the North West corner of the ring of Fairelands and the path winds and takes us to the East, where curious looking butterfly wings beckon us. Tomorrow we head to Meandervale brought to us by Sharni and Marcus of the Looking Glass. I do hope you’ll join us.
We began with a dire warning of the rule of law in the Faire Lands. Each land has its own way to punish those who trespass against its rules, or those who quite frankly, the Sheriff feels will raise a decent ransom.
Your intrepid reporter felt she should put herself in the shoes of those poor souls and risk the death by chocolate fondu, preferred punishment of Jungle Bungle
Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle, jail or boil!

In the meantime, do not forget the entertainments back on the stage, and watch out for the Fantasy Faire Sheriff and his posse who will be jailing Fantasy Faire Celebrities

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