Fantasy Faire 2012 – Day 6- The Tides

Words By Beq Janus
Pictures By Judith Lefevre
Time moves fast in the Fairelands.  Scholars think it moves faster than time in the Outworld.  Our world moves faster and thus, they postulate, so does our time.  Sounds silly to me. But I know that the Faire comes and goes. And maybe that’s the real magic of these Realms.  Like us, they’re born. Like us, they pass.  It’s what happens in between that matters. So we end Day 5 with a colossal current total of $13,661 US, and with fewer days ahead of us than behind.  What to do with them is our choice.
– Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer
Day 5 of Fantasy Faire 2012 saw us back in the dark ages, a time of vikings and dragons, no place to linger. Today we step from the chill mountain air through into a near tropical warmth, a ramp leads up ahead as we rise to the street level of a mighty oceanic city. Today we are visiting The Tides.
Built by Alia Baroque of sim sponsors Fallen Gods Inc., The Tides is a wonderfully imaginative interpretation of the Atlantis myth. Might marble statues bear the weight of the city upon their shoulders, lifting it clear of the crashing waves below. The ultimate statement of dominion over the sea.
Up at street level we find ourselves in a classical greek or Roman city. the octagonal stores, built of sturdy marble with elegant arches held aloft by solid doric columns. At no time do you ever have the sense that this might city could ever suffer the fate of its famous, historical sister.
In this build Alia Baroque has created a truly special work. I am sure that somewhere there is a proper term for this. Perhaps one of our learned readers will contribute their wisdom. If this city were held aloft by pneumatic steel work and dirigible it would be Steampunk.
Instead we have the column and arch employed in extreme and implausible ways, perhaps we are witnessing the birth of Romanopunk.
The classical design and beauty of the architecture is underscored by the perfect symmetry of the city as it lies ranging north to south across the eastern border of the Fairelands ring.
Alia has placed enormous focus on detail in this build. down at the water’s level there is a ring, the water that flows and gurgles through the gaps in that ring, behaves with realistic effects as it passes from deep to shallow.

It is time we moved on from this amazing place. There have been so many great sims already and more lie ahead. I could honestly see this style of sim take a permanent place on the grid. combine it with an undersea landscape and who knows what tales would unfold.

Speaking of undersea, the pathway appears to be dropping down into the ocean. We must be approaching tomorrow’s destination, Siren’s Secret. Join us then, and bring a change of clothing.

Those of you who joined us yesterday will have seen the sad spectacle of our own poor Saffia Widdershins being arrested and thrown into jail.

In a bizarre set of circumstances, the trial and release of our beloved Miss Widdershins was undermined by the grid gremlins. They worked in concert with the Unweaver, to prevent many of Saffia’s supporters from joining the campaign for her freedom. I am reliably informed (as reliably as one can be informed by a 3 foot rat in a bowler hat), that not enough cash was raised to bribe the Meandervale magistrate to release her. This left the sherif in somewhat of a quandary, never before had this happened.

My rodent spy was all too happy to tell me that Miss Widdershins was eventually sold to a passing fair for little more than beer money. Her whereabouts is unknown. Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is asked to come forward.


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