Happy Hunting goes to the Faire today!

Happy Hunting! logo
Happy Hunting! logo

Join us today, Friday April 27th at 3pm for a rather special episode of Happy Hunting! in the treet.tv studios in Garden of Dreams.

First of all, we filmed it entirely on location at the Fantasy Faire 2012 – which is an amazing event – with a really awesome hunt going on right now. Cinders will be talking to Elizabeth Tinsley and Zander Greene about the Fairelands Saga Hunt – and about this wonderful event too – which is raising funds for Relay for Life in Second Life.

The Fairelands Saga Hunt HUD
The Fairelands Saga Hunt HUD

And we have all the latest hunt news from Frequency Picnic. Freq will be showing off some of the great hunt gifts she has found from some of the current hunts – and she’ll be showing off a really awesome avatar too! And there are some terrific gifts out there for all you hunters so be sure to check it out!

Come on over to the treet.tv studio, take a seat, be part of our studio audience. Bring along your hunter friends too. We will be glad to have you all join us for the show.

Until then, Happy Hunting!

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