Fantasy Faire 2012 – Close – The Unweaver’s undoing

Words By Beq Janus
Pictures by Beq Janus and Judith Lefevre
This past week in the Fairelands, a cast of characters came together and crafted a new story. It had everything a good epic should have, adventure, romance, drama, and of course a little fantasy, but the best part was the end. The end that made us rejoice and left us wanting more. The climax where we raised $25,080 to continue the fight. The story started here. It continues with you. Weave it into your own tale and tell it with strong voice. Together we are Strong. Together we will find a Cure.
– Zander Greene, Friends Fighting Cancer

Zander Greene, one of the stalwarts of the Friends Fighting Cancer, as ever speaks volumes in his daily précis quoted above. Yesterday, behind the scenes of Fantasy Faire  there was a shortage of dry eyes as mixed feelings and happy tears merged. The Faire was drawing to a close, always a melancholy moment, and as things slowed the amazing event total pushed through the magical 25,000 dollar mark.

Twenty Five thousand US dollars, ten days, nine glorious designer regions. The doom mongers would have us believe that the Second Life economy is dead. That mesh is the end of creation. That virtual worlds and virtual friends are shallow, and empty.

I can point to 25,000 reasons to not listen to those voices. Nine, sims packed to the rafters. When times are hard, and yes, they are hard! Friends rally and come together, and boy did they rally. “Together we are strong”.

As for Mesh, I think we can safely say that the evidence of the Faire is not that it stifles creativity, that it is extending the palette that our artists have. this has been the Faire of Mesh. It’s early days. The potential is unlimited.

Yesterday I was shopping in Siren’s Secret when Judith called out that there was a large crowd in the Tides. I knew immediately what to expect and rushed over to see the giantess in all her 200 foot glory. Standing in front of her, I was joined by a petite avatar.

For me this photo summarised much of the Faire. The creative ingenuity, the imagination, the new. It also has a message.

No matter how large or how small, together we can make a difference.

Don’t forget to keep checking here for your Relay For Life updates.

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