There have been better weeks for Second Life

This is not a good week for Second Life.

Firstly, there are huge ongoing grid issues. Maintenance looks likely to take the grid down for a good part of the next three days.

Secondly, there is a real danger that the mesh deformer is going to be dropped.  Hamlet has the story: Linden Lab Needs Mesh Samples to Test Qarl’s Mesh Deformer — Or May Not Incorporate It Into SL Viewers At All.

This is what Oz Linden said:

Perhaps this issue really isn’t all that important, or worth the trouble to integrate.

So far, only one designer has responded with one test garment.

Let me be clear – the lack of test material is a major blocker for testing, and therefor accepting, this proposed feature. If you want it, step up and do it soon.

To me, this seemed very short-sighted. His request appeared in the middle of a technical Jira – it wasn’t sent to people who made clothes (still less mesh clothes). Let’s pass over the fact that no-one at Linden Lab considers that the deformer (which was created as a result of considerable funds raised by Second Life users and creators) is worth popping into Cold Logic and picking up a few free demos to test the deformer on.  Let’s consider instead the claim that the Lab would ditch cheerfully this project if people don’t instantly snap to do their bidding.

In fact, Oz retracted that and told Inara Prey that it was a deliberate attention grabber without substance. That’s a great way to restore trust in the messages coming out of the Lab.

Not a good week.

Many people have been disappointed – to say the least – by the Lab’s decision this year not to host a Birthday Party (the one remaining community event that had been hosted by the Lab).  Some people have been making strenuous efforts to make something happen – not a series of small locked-in parties scattered across the grid, but a big event communally hosted. Some commercial sim owners were willing to become involved …

Then, a couple of weeks ago, a rumour circulated that LL was offering 10-12 sims to the Linden Endowment for the Arts, with the intention that they would use them to host SL9B. The news of this, perhaps inevitably, put other plans on hold. Actually, this kind of event is not normally under the remit of the LEA, but it seems that they were open to the idea provided they could form an external committee to run them. The Lab was, unfortunately, not open to that idea, and tonight they have withdrawn their offer.

So no Birthday Party.

I’ve got more to say about this – but for now I’ll just say …

Not a good week for Second Life.


  1. I think that the choice of some to hold smaller decentralized birthday celebrations is not necessarily bad – it is certainly better than nothing. And doing so can give people opportunities to reflect the different communities in which we participate. I will be very interested to see if LL follows through with the discussion about including the various celebrations in the destination guide, etc.
    Co-Owner, Ground Zero Music and Art

    1. My only feeling is that de-centralised celebrations will see people locked in their own little communities. There will be none of the serendipity that introduces people to new and unexpected things as they explore the birthday party site.

      Even if things figure in the destination guide, it is much harder to teleport in to a strange community where you know no-one than it is to explore the sites at the birthday location and maybe make friends with people who’ll introduce you to their community.

      1. I totally see your point and see people being locked into their own communities as an ongoing concern in SL. It is disappointing that there is not a central celebration – hopefully we will all do what we can to make the best of it and perhaps use these decentralized celebrations as an opportunity to explore communities we are not already involved with. I also hope that anyone attaching the SL9B moniker to their events will do their best to be inclusive and reflect that they are part of the larger community that is Second Life, rather than just using the birthday celebration as a way to generate traffic to an event.

  2. My open letter made a few waves, but in the end, I didn’t think it was going to result in anything but the Labbies reaffirming their position not to give sims to the celebration no matter who ran it, because anything they claim is resident-run at that level has so many strings attached and mother-may-i clauses that it’s effectively Labbie-run.

    I feel bad for Doc, because this is twice now he’s been told no. This time dragged out a while, got some hopes up… and then the Rodlings get up and walk away as they would have anyway. TANSTAAFL, I suppose.

    Maybe there will be a large estate with room and gumption to bring him on for their own community celebration, because he and his crew are good-intentioned folks, and it would sever any absurd requirements or conditions that the Lab imposes on his fine work.

    I’m just wondering how the Lab can maintain the position of no handouts to resident activities such as SL9B, but continue to grant sims for things like LEA, hockey, and other activities. (I guess TANSTAAFL doesn’t apply to them.)

    Oh well. Never a dull moment or one of clarity on Battery Street, right?


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