Exciting changes in Costa Rica!

he Costa Rican skyline
The Costa Rican skyline

Towards the beginning of the year, the estate of Costa Rica became part of Dreamseeker Estates. There was, almost inevitably, some re-structuring which meant some loss of land as people moved out – and then others came in.  Now, however, Costa Rica is set to expand again, with an excited new development which the Prim Perfect Head Offices will be in a prime location to observe!

Let Zeebster Colasanti, owner of Dreamseeker Estates, explain more:

We have just added 14 new sims to Costa Rica, but they are not what you may be used to.  Costa Rica Sims used to be all about sailing, plus a couple commercial regions.  Well, Costa Rica (the real country, that is) is more than sailing.  There is a lot of countryside in Costa Rica, with smal towns, villages and farms.  In fact, if you look at the map of RL Costa Rica, you will notice that most of the country east of the Volcan Arenal is the countryside.

The 14 new sims connect to the rest of the Costa Rica continent on the east side of the Volcan Arenal sim.  Don’t worry about what they look like at the moment – they are “under construction” and will be beautifully themed before you know it.  In fact, I want them themed before the start of the Relay For Life Home & Garden Show which is scheduled to open on May 19!  We do hope to see you all there as Dream Seeker Estates, the holding corporation of Costa Rica Sims, is a major sponsor of this 10 day event, underwriting the cost of all regions used for the event.

The 14 new regions will be terraformed and landscaped to give a feel of a RL Costa Rica countryside.  You will find that the names of the regions represent the names of towns in RL Costa Rica.  They are positioned close to their RL relative position and will be linked with highways bearing the highway number designations of the RL Costa Rica.  The 14 regions will extend from the Volcan Arenal sim on one side, to the San Jose East1 region on the other side, allowing vehicle traffic all the way from San Jose to the major tourist attraction of Volcan Arenal.

New land emerges beyond Volcan Adrenal
New land emerges beyond Volcan Adrenal

Volcan Arenal will be landscaped to provide natural looking Costa Rica landscapes and horse trails.  The sim has been recently upgraded from Openspace (750 prims) to Homestead (3750 prims) so we have many prims to play with!  The newly added regions include 11 Full Prim sims and 3 Homestead sims.  Each of the Homestead sims will be designated as farm regions.  Don’t think of them as the standard SL farm regions where people rent a tiny bit of land and pack it with breedables.  This is nothing like what I have in mind.  In this context, what I mean by farm regions is a countryside region with very low population density, resident parcels far apart from each other.  In a way, they will be very similar to the homestead sailing sims we already have, except that instead of water, these will have grazing pastures and a country highway running through it.

There will be two types of themes for full prim regions: towns and villages.  Towns will have a higher population density.  They will have more than one road going through it, smaller parcels, and some sort of a town centre with a church or a fire station or a sherif office.  You get the idea :).  Villages will just have a highway running through it, with between 2 and 4 parcels on the sim.  These parcels will be able to be used for breedable farms, however residents will be required to landscape their parcels nicely, so that it looks natural and fits with the landscape.

I invite you to come check out the sims as we’re working on them.  Please reserve judgment until we’re done.  It’s a lot of sims but we are on a tight schedule so you should be seeing quite a transformation there shortly.  We have dedicated staff to develop these regions and allocated overtime hours to other members of our team to ensure that we maintain high levels of support while we are working on this project.  We have been holding back with any development over the last couple days due to ongoing system upgrades from Linden Lab but expect to commence work on the sims within the next 2 days.

In the glass trees of Prim Perfect's Head Office, watching new land emerge
In the glass trees of Prim Perfect’s Head Office, watching new land emerge

If you want to come over and watch from a safe distance, may I recommend the Head Offices of Prim Perfect? If you take the cloud walk to the Canopy Theatre, you’ll be able to take a seat in the class trees and watch all the fun of this creation!

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