Designing Worlds looks into Making It Real

Today, Tuesday 15th May, we shall be recording a special edition of Designing Worlds at our studio in Garden of Dreams.

The show will be broadcast on May 28th, but you can watch the taping, and participate by putting questions to our guests.

The theme of the show is looking at two Second Life businesses which – in different ways – are planning to transition into the real world.

The White Armory
The White Armory

The first of these is The White Armory – a well known store that specialises in medieval weaponry and beautiful costumes created by Colton Drechster and Bee Dumpling respectively.

The second is Jazzpaws, the initiative by Zayn Till and Wynx Whiplash of the tinies of Raglanshire, whose recent Kickstarter project garnered a great amount of interest across the grid.

Art Trail in Raglanshire, home of the Tinies
Art Trail in Raglanshire, home of the Tinies

We’ll be discussing these projects, and talking with Maria Korolov of Hypergrid Business about this new style of business transfer and the use of Kickstarter (and similar) funding. And you will have a chance to join the discussion and put your questions to our guests.

Filming will start at around 1.30pm, but you should arrive by 1pm to make sure of a seat.

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