Hunting for Treasure in Armada Breakaway

Armada Treasure Hunt 2012

Armada Breakaway offers adventure and excitement to all citizens of Second Life – Come explore the floating city in search of treasure! Your adventure will begin at the Armada Welcome Center.

You’ll be outfitted with what you need to begin your adventure. Along the way you will see amazing sights and stores all over (and under!) Armada. Bring a big sack, as you’ll be plundering shops and collecting treasure along the way!

Features shops include:

Weka Steam
Ying Research Factory
Weather or Not
Brackish Mer things
Storms Brewing Coffehouse
Arctor Shipyards

And if you want to keep your spyglass trained on the city, why not join the Armada Breakaway group inworld? It’s open for all scallywags, ladies, gents, urchins, raiders, darkmers… anyone who enjoys the bracing salt air and mysterious waters of the deep.

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