Prim Perfect Meet the Designers: Builder’s Brewery, KittyCatS!, Park Place and Clutter

Today we have three separate Prim Perfect Meet the Designer talks at the Home and Garden Expoat the Prim Perfect Pavilion on Home Expo 13. Firstly, at 12 noon we have Sensuous Maximus of Builder’s Brewery, followed at 4.30pm by Callie Cline of KittyCatS! – and they’ll both be talking to Saffia Widdershins. And finally, at 6pm, Cinders Vale will be talking to Kat Alderson of Clutter and DeAnn Dufaux of Park Place Home Decor.

Meet the Designer: Sensuous Maximus of Builder's Brewery
Meet the Designer: Sensuous Maximus of Builder’s Brewery

Sen Maximus is the co-owner of what is probably the best known resource centre for builders in Second Life – Builder’s Brewery. They offer a range of classes, catering for all levels, from the newbie building to experienced designers who want to upskill in a particular area.  They also offer a wide range of full-perm resource for sale, so you can take what you’ve learned home with you, as well as a sandbox area and – a godsend to many – an area where you can safely prctise terraforming land.  In their latest venture, they are planning next weekend to open a market area for building resources and Sen will be telling us all about that!

Meet the Designer: Callie Cline of KittyCatS!
Meet the Designer: Callie Cline of KittyCatS!

Our second guest of the day is Callie Cline of KittyCatS!, the hugely popular breedable cat.  They have produced some spectacular “special” cats for Relay for Life this year (and their Four Seasons cats last year got many of us hooked on KittyCatS!).  This year it’s steampunk cats – and their delightful steampunk display features in today’s jigsaw puzzle.  Callie will be talking about the cats, the SL9B celebrations (where KittyCats will be sponsoring two sims) and hjopefully sharing some business tips too!

Meet the Designers: DeAnn Dufaux of Park Place Home Decor and Kat Alderson of Clutter
Meet the Designers: DeAnn Dufaux of Park Place Home Decor and Kat Alderson of Clutter

Then, at 6pm, we will be meeting two elegant and stylish designers – DeeAnn Dufaux of Park Place Home Decor and Kat Alderson of Clutter.  Both are well known for their beautiful and detailed designs and both have created amazing displays here at the Expo! We’ll be chatting about their work and also about customer service and marketing.

We have a very full programme of Designers appearing at our Pavilion over the ten days of the Expo, every day at 2pm and 4pm (with a couple of talks at 12 noon and 4.30 pm. You can see the full schedule of planned talks here.

Watching the lanterns rise
Watching the lanterns rise

And don’t forget our daily release of Chinese Peace Lanterns every day at 4pm on the Prim Perfect stage area on Home Expo 13. Everyone is welcome to join us and release lanterns for friends and comrades – both those we cherish with us, and those who we have lost. Come along, set your viewer to sunset (as in the jigsaw) or midnight, and release you own lanterns! You can read more about it here.

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