What is Happening to Happy Hunting?

Happy Hunting! logo
Happy Hunting! logo

Happy Hunting! is taking a break for a few weeks – we’ve been on the air since January!

The team behind Happy Hunting are going to be very busy over the next few weeks with special events such as SL9B and Relay for Life – look out for us on the Relay for Life Telethon!

And then we’ll be back at the end of July with a new season of Happy Hunting! – and we’re already working on an exciting new segment where you – our audience – will be able to follow a mystery story and hunt out clues across the grid …

As well, of course, as learning all the latest hunt news and seeing awesome interviews with the people behind thebest and most exciting hunts in Second Life.

So we’ll see you all again in late July and – until then – Happy Hunting!

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