More Art for your Weekend!

Two more great exhibits are opening today. At 1pm SLT, Betty Tureaud’s Liquid Crystals and Trill Zapatero’s The Apolocalypse Will Not Be Televised open at Split Screen. From Curator Dividni Shostakovitch’s Blog:

They are thoroughly immersive installations of completely different kinds.

In Liquid Crystals, Betty expresses her fascination with crystals and their use in technology. It has three levels. The landing point is breathtaking and magnificent: a vast field of color that spreads to the horizon. On a black platform are two small spheres. Sitting on them brings you down into a large cylinder where you float within Betty’s bright colors. Standing up from there, you tumble down to the base of the cylinder, where you walk amid cubical and conical crystals, some in a pile in the middle.

Betty Tureaud’s ‘Liquid Crystals’. Photo courtesy Dividni Shostakovich.

In contrast to Betty’s highly abstract piece, Trill’s Apocalypse is concrete and narrative. There’s been a run of apocalyptic work lately (including, at Split Screen alone, shellina Winkler’s Apocalypse 2012 and Alizarin Goldflake’s Acquarella: After the Apocalypse). Trill’s installation is unusual for its optimism. We see the destruction, but also reconstruction. The installation is designed to lead us along a path through ruins occupied by ghosts and rats, and still crumbling around us. However, many of the walls have graffiti (among them, images by Hieronymus Bosch), a few with clues to the background to the disaster. Eventually the path takes us to a paddleboat, the beginning of the salvaging of materials. The boat brings us to an oil rig that has been wholly re-purposed, and now boasts a garden, chairs and lamps made from various types of detritus, and a small house powered by a wind turbine.

Trill Zapatero’s ‘The Apocalypse Will Not Be Televised’. Photo courtesy Dividni Shostakovich.

Then, at 2pm SLT, make sure to head over to the Avalon Town Exhibit Hall, where long-time Avalonian Samara Furse-Barzane is showing selections from her extensive collection

A resident since 2007, Samara has been an avid arts enthusiast since she first visited Cetus soon after her rezzday, where she seems to have had some bizarre adventures: ‘Ask me about the cannon and the exploding sheep. Recommendation, do not hit the sim owner with a cannon ball!’ Her Avalon show reflects her long collecting history.

She is perhaps best known as the owner and curator of Park Galleries, which she took over from the late Artistic Fimicoloud, and which she finally closed in December 2011. She has also owned and operated a translation agency [now closed] and her other virtual work includes CSR at ETD and Fleur, Store Manager for MichaMi, and Sim Manager for Copley Square. She retired from SL commerce to work on her own photomontages which are exhibited in her gallery in Avalon.

On her exhibition at the town hall, Samara says:

I am honored to have been invited to show my art collection at Avalon Town/Art District Exhibit Hall in Ars Lunga. The 31 pieces by 26 artists represent 4 1/2 years of collecting in SL, from Cetus to Avalon.

While there were several items I could not locate, this exhibit is representative of the development of my visual art tastes over that time period. It is illuminating to see what you purchased over time all together in one space.

The artists I know in SL, especially those who were part of Park Galleries at one time or another, have influenced my choices. This is primarily reflected by the number of constructions and kinetic works that take their places along side the more traditional flat paintings.

Samara has expertly arranged an exhibit featuring 31 works from 26 artists, including:
Artistic Fimicoloud
Jeanni Nishi
Tricia Aferdita
Winter Nightfire
Alexandra Mensing
Ichiko Miles
Ub Yifu
Mahsa Khazeni
Angel Enoch
Blau Huet (Friedl Aigner)
Moeuhane Sandalwood
Karen Petty
alba2 Rossini
Kayly Iali
Julian Deghy
Jessica Ornitz
Jofus Wrigglesworth (Joseph Perkins)
Gracie Kendal
Ivar Kaasik
Kerry Streeter
Semiramis Theas
Finny Yates (2 works)
Pol Jarvinen (2)
Scottius Polke (2)
sistagrlro wei (2)
Harter Fall (2)

And if that wasn’t enough amazing art for you, don’t forget these fantastic exhibits are still open at the LEA for your visual pleasure:

Tyrehl Byk’s ‘Almost Flat Land’ at LEA 13

Mikati Slade’s ‘Pico Pico Life’ at LEA 19

Yooma Mayo’s ‘Dreaming Machine #1’ at LEA 15

‘A Rusted Development’ at LEA 1

‘Further Along the Path’ at LEA 3


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