Technical glitches hit Designing Worlds

Sadly, last night’s show from the Home and Garden Expo could not be shown due to technical glitches (our server system in Australia suffered an outage – actually, Treet is rather better in this respect than the BBC in the 1950s and 1960s where such things seemed to be a regular feature – I am just old enough to remember watching the testcard while an impeccably BBC voice informed us gravely that “Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible”.

Releasing the lanterns
Releasing the lanterns at the Home and Garden Expo

In this case. Treet is back on the air – or will be shortly – but we have decided to hold over the show until we can have a proper viewing. So the first of our shows about the Home and Garden Expo will be next week – same time, same channel. Don’t miss it!

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