Special Days at SL9B: Mesh and the AIDS Benefit

SL9B logo
SL9B logo

We are planning on trying some new things at SL9B – and one of those is to have two “themed” days.

The first is to hold a Mesh Day – highlighting Mesh creations, and looking at its impact on the grid.  The Mesh Day will be Wednesday 20th June, and we are looking for people who would like to be a part of this.

There are three categories that we are envisaging:

1) Featuring exhibits at the Birthday that have mesh elements (or are pretty largely or even entirely mesh).
Remember that we asked on the application for is you were proposing to use mesh? And that people started yelling that the sky was falling in and SL9B wanted to ban mesh? As KT explained then, we most certainly didn’t!  And now we will put together a directory of mesh builds for people to look at and see what mesh can do … on Mesh Day.

2) Taking part in mesh fashion events
We will be organising a series of fashion showcases to highlight the work of designers working in mesh (again an innovation for the Birthday!).  If you are a fashion designer and interested in taking part – we want to hear from you!

3) Taking part in discussions about mesh
If you want to stage a mesh presentation, or be part of a panel talking about building in mesh or the possibilities that mesh offers, there will be an opportunity to do this too on Mesh Day.

To register your interest, complete the form here by June 9th.

The second is our AIDS Benefit Day, to be held on Friday 22nd June.
Long before Dream Seeker Estates were asked if they could sponsor sims for SL9B, they were planning to spend the month of June on a special AIDS Benefit campaign in support of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. When they became involved in SL9B, we suggested that we could do something to help them by having a special benefit day for the charity they are supporting.

Let us know if you would be interested in

1) Holding an event

2) Giving a presentation

3) Taking part in a discussion about AIDS

If you would like to participate, please fill in the form here.

If you have any ideas for other ways in which we can mark these days, do let us know in the comments to this post!

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