Designing Worlds returns to the Home & Garden Expo

Join us at our fantastic studios on Garden of Dreams at 2pm Pacific (22:00 in the UK) to see Designing Worlds‘ second foray into the wonderful worlds of the Home & Garden Expo 2012.

We’ll be visiting the exhibits of a wealth of extremely talented people, and alongside some of the top builders and interior/exterior designers (including an elegant villa entirely mesh-built by Cain Maven and the animation-laden kitchens of {WhatNext}), we’ll be meeting the AI doggies of the Virtual Kennel Club and seeing an exquisitely catpunk exhibit from KittyCatS. We’ll meet one of the minds behind the Builders’ Brewery and we’ll chat about the implications of mesh and the petite furniture market – and much more in this extended edition.

If you can’t join us in person in the studio, then catch the show on the live stream where you can not only watch the programme: you can also chat to other members of the audience (and often some of the participants).

Then soon after it’s gone out you can watch it on the Designing Worlds page at

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