Ekphrasis Live @ SL9B!

I am very excited to interview some of the movers and shakers of the SL art world at SL9B this week. I’ll be out there Tues – Sat talking to some incredibly talented and hard-working people who are shaping the course of virtual art.

On Tuesday I’ll be talking with Trill Zapatero about her work, with a special focus on how she uses art as a force for socio-political awareness. For example, her most recent work, ‘The Apocalypse Will Not be Televised’ at Split Screen, includes an old oil rig transformed into a pleasure garden.

Rose Borchovski joins me on Wednesday to talk about her new work – which has received rave reviews – ‘The Inevitability of Fate.’ A new direction from her previous Susa Bubble series (and some readers will recall that ‘The Kiss’ was infamously banned from SL7B), Rose’s new story of ‘Angry Beth’ has a similar visceral and compelling impact, perhaps made stronger by the artist’s use of the ‘new’ virtual medium of mesh. We’ll chat about how mesh has transformed her work, as well as her recent forays into augmented reality exhibitions.

Thursday brings something a little different, as I sit down with four people who are not artists, but who I think are integral to the success of the art community: Dividni Shostakovich of Split Screen, Zachh Cale and Chestnut Rau of Art Screamer, and blogger Quan Lavender. We will be having a ‘state of the virtual arts’ chat about virtual curation, preservation, and thoughts on the future of SL art.

Friday is for film buffs as I am joined by Machinima pioneers Chantal Harvey and Tony Dyson. Chantal and I had a fascinating talk about this topic last year, and she is returning to talk about the new production company, Scissores, she has launched with Tony (who is the creator of R2D2 amongst other wonderful things, if you didn’t know!).

Finally, on Saturday, I’ll be chatting with one of the most talented immersive artists on the grid: Marcus Inkpen. Much of his work is done with his partner Sharni Azalee, and Marcus & Sharni are amongst the few artists whose work crosses into – and is loved by – many communities, making their art a thematic ending to this week of talks!

So please join me each day at the SL9B auditorium at 4pm SLT (we’ll either be in circle C or D, slurl here). All talks will be in voice, so have your sound enabled!

The beautiful Ekphrasis @ SL9B poster is by PJ Trenton, stop by the Prim Perfect booth to grab a free copy for your home! Poster image credits:
Grail Quest by Trill Zapatero
Burn 2 (2011)
Photograph by PJ Trenton
The Inevitability of Fate by Rose Borchovski
Photograph by PJ Trenton
Spirit by claudia222 Jewel
Exhibit at Art Screamer
Photograph by PJ Trenton
Adagio by Blue Tsuki
Exhibit at Split Screen Installation Space
Photograph by PJ Trenton
Scissores graphic
Dark Mirage sim by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee
Fantasy Faire 2011
Photograph by PJ Trenton

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