Mesh Day at SL9B!

Today, Wednesday 20th June, we want to celebrate all things meshy at SL9B!

In the Auditorium:

At 11am, Builders Brewery, the fantastic training resource for all Second Life builders, will be giving a presentation on Making Mesh.

At 12 noon, Qarl Fizz (ex Linden) will be talking about his mesh deformer project, designed to make mesh clothing more readily available to different-sized avatars (seen by many as so vital a next step that the project was set up and funded by grid residents).

And at 2pm, four leading Mesh builders: Maxwell Graf of Rustica, Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie, Loz Hyde of Meshworx and Cain Maven of Maven Homes will be talking about their mesh creations – and hopefully showing us some examples of their work!

But we also want to salute builders who are working in Mesh.  Have you created an exhibit that uses mesh at this year’s SL9B?  If so, add details and a slurl in the comments to this post!

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