Prim Perfect Meet the Designer at SL9B: Callie Cline

Today at 2pm in the Auditorium, Saffia Widdershins will be in conversation with Callie Cline, brand consultant, model, (95 in Maxim’s Hot Hundred 2007), owner of caLLie cLine, tOmbOy, ::home::, nEkOtUrE … and now coOwner of KittyCats!

Meet the Designer: Callie Cline
Meet the Designer: Callie Cline

Callie has had an amazing Second Life career, crossing over into real life.  Saffia will be talking to her about entrepreneurship and about branding … and, you know, we might get around to ahhhing over the latest KittyCatS! too.

Callie will be talking about all this and more to Saffia Widdershins at 2pm today – and you’ll get to see the great Birthday KittyCatS! too!

And don’t miss our talk at 6pm in the auditorim with the Sailing community!

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