Prim Perfect Talks for Saturday and SL9B Round-Up Information

SL9B logo
SL9B logo

Prim Perfect are continuing our series of talks and discussions at SL9B.  Today we have the following in the Auditorium:

Prim Perfect logo
Prim Perfect logo

2pm – Meet the Designers: It will be Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces and IIsla Gealach of Cheeky Pea … plus some of their friends and colleague – it should be a fun and lively session – and is very open to designers and clients who want to come along and take part!

4pm – Ekphrasis – Meet the Artists: Rowan Derryth will be in conversation with Marcus Inkpen of The Looking Glass.

5pm – Meet the Fashion Designers: Angie Mornington will be talking to Sachi Vixen of Adam ‘n’ Eve.

6pm – Meet the Community: Tinies

7pm – Meet the Community: the Railroad


SL9B logo
SL9B logo

New World Notes was asking for information about SL9B destinations, so I provided a round up – I thought you might like to read it here too!

I’d suggest starting with some of the blogs that are giving excellent coverage of SL9B events such as:

Inara Pey’s Living in the Modem World (she’s going through the twenty sim Comunity Celebration sim by sim):

Caitlin Tobias is doing something similar on Cait’s World:

Daniel Voyager’s blog

Honour Macmillan’s blog – Honour’s Post-Menopausal View of Second Life

Chestnat Rau’s Second Life of My Dreams

Yordie Sands’ Being Yordie Sands … to name but a few

Or, of course, there’s the main blog for the SL9B Community Event

Lotus Stage at SL9B
Lotus Stage at SL9B

That has links to the main stages (where there are events pretty much 24/7) and the Welcome Area where you can pick up a swag, chat with greeters who will help you out, collect the excellent HUD designed by Bo Tiger (which will zip you around the sims or to the stage of your desire) or catch a podcar (running very smoothly this year – thanks to Yvanna Llanfair!) which will give you a guided tour with helpful information about many of the builds you pass.

Crap Mariner has created an awesome schedule of events at the SL9B twenty sim Community event, complete with live links to any events that take your fancy.

There’s even a few hunts at the event – The amazing Egyptian Hunt (which is an interactive story on the blog – with a fresh clue being uncovered daily by an intrepid explorer). There’s also a Cake Hat Hunt.

Fun Noir at SL9B
Fun Noir at SL9B

If you want to find information about other events going on for the birthday (and NOT at the twenty sim celebration event), there’s a Hub right by the Welcome Area that offers you information on other events that you can go to – and landmarks. But we hope you’ll stop off to take a look at some of the 330+ separate resident builds you can find at the community event, such as the one mentioned by Hamlet.

Prim Perfect Tearoom at SL9B
Prim Perfect Tearoom at SL9B

My Prim Perfect tearoom is just opposite, by the way, and as well as relaxing there with a cup of tea, you can pick up Sway Dench’s adorable SL9B Bear – there are, of course, no Linden Birthday bears, but Sway has created a beautfful one, and you can get the means to make your own Birthday Bear at Loki Eliot’s special school project on Linden Lab.

And while you’re at the sims, do look out for the gorgeous KittyCatS Birthday cat and RacerC Gullwing’s free rainbow snails – I saw two of them riding in a pod car and turning excited somersaults as they passed the builds!

Snails visiting SL9B by pod car!
Snails visiting SL9B by pod car!

All of this has been made possible by the fantastic sponsors: DreamSeeker Estates, Fruit Islands and KittYCatS – and the anonymous donor.

I could run to several pages of comments all by myself picking out awesome builds at SL9B – but I’ll let other people do that – I hope I’ve supplied enough information to give everyone a start!

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  1. All I did was gather up all the spreadsheets and get them ported to Google Calendar.

    It’s the performers who are performing and the stage wranglers and event coordinators keeping it up to date, and Codie’s GodHUD/Superboard displaying the information in-world.


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