Prim Perfect Talks for the last day of SL9B – and Birthday Bear News!

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Prim Perfect are continuing our series of talks and discussions at SL9B.  Today we have the following in the Auditorium:

Prim Perfect logo

2pm – Meet the Designers: Saffia Widdershins will be talking to Vivienne Daguerre of Black Rose about the excitement of being able to create with mesh.

3pm – Ekphrasis – Meet the Artists: Rowan Derryth will betalking to Rose Borchovski. Rowan says that they will: “talk about her new work – which has received rave reviews – ‘The Inevitability of Fate.’ A new direction from her previous Susa Bubble series (and some readers will recall that ‘The Kiss’ was infamously banned from SL7B), Rose’s new story of ‘Angry Beth’ has a similar visceral and compelling impact, perhaps made stronger by the artist’s use of the ‘new’ virtual medium of mesh. We’ll chat about how mesh has transformed her work, as well as her recent forays into augmented reality exhibitions.”

4pm – Pooky Amsterdam hosts The First Question! Pookymedia/Treet.TV’s show The First Question will be coming live from SL9B!.

6pm – Meet the Community: The Steamlands
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Consul from Europa Wulfenbach, and Frau Annechen Lowey, Vice Consul, will speak on Steampunk and Gaslamp Fantasy, the Steamlands in Second Life and how they intereact in ‘First Life’ as well.  There will be a photographic display, and a question and answer session as time permits.


The Birthday Bears have spread!  You can now collect one from the Cheeky Pea Community Garden, the Treet TV centre, and the Welcome Area.

SL9B Bear, made by Sway Dench
SL9B Bear, made by Sway Dench

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