Talk on Copyright Issues Tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the first in a series of talks which will be of interest to many Prim Perfect readers, on legal issues in virtual worlds. This series has been initiated by Vaki Zenovka, an expert in this field.

Vaki has recently made it public that she will be representing Gala Pheonix of Curio in a forthcoming court case vs. Hush Darkrose of Hush over copyright infringement on certain of their skins. Many readers may be aware of this controversy if they follow the fashion feeds, but if not you can read a recap of the issue to date at Salome Strangelove’s blog (slightly biased as she admits herself). I mention this here, however, because this case could have important ramifications for all those content creators concerned with their IP rights, including artists.

Vaki has made it clear that she of course cannot discuss any aspects of this case at this time. However tomorrow’s talk should surely be a very interesting one, and helpful for all those concerned with issues of copyright in virtual worlds. Highly recommended!

The talk will be tomorrow (Saturday), July 7, at 2 PM SLT at the Justitia Legal Resource Village.


  1. I am wondering if this will be recorded or a transcript available for those who are unable to attend?

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