Celebrate London 2012 and the Olympics in Second Life!

The Olympic Cauldron at the London Community
The Olympic Cauldron at the London Community

Launching tomorrow is the new London Olympics site, part of the London UK region owned and managed by Debs Regent and Virtually Linked.

Situated on a new sim – London Community (not yet open), the site features elements of the London Olympic park (such as the amazing Cauldron that holds the Olympic Flame and the stunning Orbit). There’s also a variety of sporting venues too – the main athletics track, a tennis court, a basket ball court, a velodrome (for cycling) and a swimming pool.

It’s scheduled to open tomorrow, Friday 3rd August, with a grand party at 8am SLT.

But this isn’t just another region echoing a real event –  the London sims have a history of working with real life events (London Fashion Week, for example) and with the Olympics, they have associated with the Local Leaders’ programme,

Seb Coe, Chair, London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, welcome the Second Life involvement, saying: “We are proud that the power of the Games is inspiring communities to get together and celebrate the Games. The Games can be celebrated on your doorstep, and its people like Virtual London are making this happen across the UK. I congratulate everyone involved in the Line the Streets project for bringing the spirit of the Games to life in Kensington and Second Life and wish you every success with your event.”

The Olympic Orbit at the London Community
The Olympic Orbit at the London Community

In the real world, long term London Sims resident and host for many of the real life London Meet up , Julius Sowu, is working in the Africa Village in Hyde Park, daily streaming live interviews and entertainment online for our diaspora. http://www.africaolympic.org/eng/.

And in Second Life Debs and her team are encouraging people to get involved and make use of the new facilities.

Debs says, “As a leader of this community of over 30,000 members since 2006, I have been inspired to see their enthusiasm for all things ‘London’. The London 2012 Games are an exciting opportunity to enjoy an international celebration within this community, yet as London is the host nation and we are based in London, it’s also way to celebrate the achievements of our own home town of London.”


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