New Babbage’s Air Kraken Festival

Festival-long Events:
-Festival Merchandise Cart: An open air market cart at the Port Babbage docks filled with festival themed wares, food and games for festival goers to take and purchase.
-Air Kraken Exhibit: An exciting and intriguing natural history exhibit by Kimika Ying focusing on air kraken at Melnik Air Park behind Portside Books in Port Babbage.
-Air Kraken Target Practice: Located on the docks of Port Babbage. Come safely test your shooting skills against the miniature-airship towed air kraken drones.
-Iron Bay Chef: We know that New Babbage has its share of mad scientists cooking away in their labs, but what are they cooking in their kitchens? Get ready for a special event that promises to reveal who is hungry for power and who is just hungry!
Start digging through your recipe books, Babbagers, for that extra tasty dish. You know the one – just the thought of it makes your mouth water, but it is probably only considered edible in our part of the world. The catch is this: it must incorporate a secret ingredient, to be revealed below.
Submit your recipes to Blackberry Harvey and Junie Ginsburg inword by notecard so they can prepare your dish in their test kitchens and then confer about the results. After all recipes have been prepared, all dishes have been tasted (by some lucky volunteers) and critiques have been written, these judges will determine WHO WILL BE OUR NEXT IRON BAY CHEF!
Your secret ingredient is… AIR KRAKEN!
This event will be executed as part of the Second Annual Air Kraken Festival, running from August 11 through the 25th. Submit your recipe by noon on the 24th so that winners can be announced during the festival closing event. (We cook very quickly.)
Ready? Get crackin’!
The winning dishes will go on the menus at The Cocoajava and The Gangplank.
(PRIZES: L$1000, L$750, L$500)
-SuperVillain Try Outs: Now is the time for those of you with a maniacal laugh, tyrannical motives and an aptitude for making minions to step into the spotlight. The contest is going to be held entirely on the BAR
( ).
There will be three posts/events for hopefuls to compete in:
1-Monologuing: Take this opportunity to toot your own horn. Tell us what makes you deserve the SuperVillain title. What are your plans for taking over? Why should we all bow and accept your greatness?
2-Fashion Show: Presentation is key. Show others who is in charge by how you dress. Submit at least one picture of your attire, accessories, and any other finery you wish to use to display your power. (Maximum number of pictures per participant is three.)
3-How to Get One’s Way (Dealing with Hecklers/Bribery): There will be hecklers in the life of a SuperVillain. There will also be all of the weak-minded fools who you will bend to your will through bribery (possibly the contest judges, one may never know). Explain in detail how you intend to inspire the masses and deal with naysayers (including your competition).
There will likely be cash prizes involved, but the grand prize is the title of this year’s SuperVillain! Mwahahahaha! *cough*
-Black Ink and Bold Tales Writing Contest: At the core of each Air Kraken is a well of deepest blackest ink. Pick up your quill, dip into the source and pen your poem or tale of adventure. All creative writings about these legendary beasts of the skies are welcome.
No minimum word-count, but please, no longer than 1,500 words. Submissions will be accepted the entire two weeks of the Air Kraken Festival, either by notecard to Ceejay Writer, or email to After the festival, a panel of judges will choose the winners in these categories: Truly Terrifying Tale (horror), You’re Kraken Me Up (humor), Surprise from the Skies (cleverest) and Misunderstood Monsters (Pro-Kraken viewpoints), as well as one overall winner, the Tantamount Tall Tentacle Tale.
Plans are afoot to publish all entries in some form of anthology for everyone’s enjoyment afterwards. Submission of your entry shall indicate your agreement to this project.
One Time Events:
-H.G. Wells/ Air Kraken Festival Opening Party: Please join us Saturday, August 11th 6:30-9:00pm SLT at The Gangplank as we celebrate the opening of the 2nd Annual Air Kraken Festival, in honor of H.G. Wells. All attire is welcome, but please feel free to break out your air kraken hunting gear or best Wellsian finery! Victor Mornington will be our DJ.
-Closing Party: Come celebrate the close of the festival on Saturday, August 25th at 7-9pm SLT on the roof of Portside Books in Port Babbage. Dress in your best air pirate/air kraken fighting attire/festival attire. Dance, drink and be merry as Blackberry Harvey spins tunes.
-Please contact Sky Melnik if you have any questions or ideas concerning the festival.

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