Coming soon – a taste of Fun Noir

Harland Quinn - Private Investigator
Harland Quinn – Private Investigator

Coming soon … a new show from – and a new type of interactive entertainment that spans virtual worlds and social media – which draws on the genres of film noir, steampunk with an added dash of classic Lovecraftian horror.

The Blackened Mirror is an online series of short episodes, following the adventures of a cynical private investigator, Harland Quinn, who has a broken down office in a Depression-era city. Until one day a mysterious woman walks through his office door with her odd companion … and then things get progressively stranger.

The mysterious visitors
The mysterious visitors

You’ll be able to watch the show as part of the Happy Hunting! TV show. And after it’s been aired there, it will be available on its own YouTube channel, or you’ll be able to download it from the iTunes store. Or, of course, you’ll be able to watch it here on this website.

But that’s only the start of The Blackened Mirror, because it’s is more than just a virtual world TV show; you’ll be able to find more information and win prizes by following a series of games and puzzles within the virtual world of Second Life or through a variety of social media across the internet.

Perhaps you can see why we’re calling it Fun Noir …

The adventure begins ...
The adventure begins …

You’ll find clues on related web-sites, or on social media streams (so maybe you’ll want to follow Dolores’ Twitter stream, for example, or Millie’s Live Journal). These clues will lead you to more information about the characters and the plot … and if you are following the game within Second Life, it will also lead to prizes to keep, too!

In short, The Blackened Mirror is a media experience like no other.

Check out the web-site (there will be clues here too) – and watch out for the trailer to the show – coming shortly on this week’s Happy Hunting! show (shown on Friday 17th August at 3pm on and this website shortly after!

The Blackened Mirror
The Blackened Mirror

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