Prim Perfect Jigsaw: The Beauty of the Wetlands

The Gulf of Lune
The Gulf of Lune

They say there are two types of people: cat people and dog people, mountain people and desert people.  Well, I am a cat person, as many of my acquaintances know (although I was actually a dog person when younger) and, although I actually love deserts, it’s mountains that I adore and that move me profoundly. “I shall lift up mine eyes unto the hills,” says the psalmist – or at least he does in the King James’s Version, which is the most beautiful of all translations, “from whence cometh mine help.” And you can’r say fairer than that.

And I have gone on being a mountain lover, and might have remained ignorant of the beauty of flat wetlands if it hadn’t been for a visit to North East Germany a few years ago.  It was for an EU transnational meeting, part of a Leonardo project (for everyone else, a research project involving at least four nations, backed by the EU; this one was to establish how keyskills were taught across Germany, Sweden, the UK and Greece – and to lay down some guiding principles. I ended up designing the website in four languages – the Greek was pretty challenging, I can tell you!).

The Gulf of Lune
The Gulf of Lune

As part of this project, we attanded meeting in the different countries; I was involved long enough to visit Hogsby in Sweden and Gustrow in Northern Germany. Hosts were always anxious to show us the best their area had to offer – Gustrow was a beautiful little town, largely unspoilt architecturally after forty years of communism (our hotel was an ex-Stasi prison, actually), and it was surrounded by miles and miles of flat, open country.  And it was utterly beautiful.

“I never knew flatlands could be so lovely,” said one of the other people in the British delegation to me, and I fully concurred.

In Second Life, I am reminded of that landscape by the beautiful Gulf of Lune, part of the Calas Galadhon estate.  If your draw distance is high enough, you will see mountains in the background.  But you don’t need to – the wetlands are almost heartrendingly lovely in themselves.

And here are two jigsaws:

The Gulf of Lune
The Gulf of Lune

The first was with Euros because it was thanks to the EU and euros that I got to visit Germany! But let’s have a more conventional second jigsaw:

The Gulf of Lune
The Gulf of Lune


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  1. The lowlands can be very beautiful indeed! Living in Holland after being many years in the Arizona desert, I’ve gotten delightfully used to it! 😀 *oh- and I’m a dog person* 😛 lol

  2. Living on the chesapeake.. all we have is marsh and low lands. I think mountains are pretty.. from a distance.. but I prefer our little slice of the low lands. So pretty and full of life everywhere you look… even if a bit aeromatic at low tide

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