Relay for Life launches in Inworldz!

Report and images by Wildstar Beaumont

At the Kickoff in Inworldz
At the Kickoff in Inworldz

Saturday the 25th of August was another little step in the young history of virtual worlds.

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is having its first season in a second virtual world : InWorldz.

The kickoff took place in an amazing asteroid field, with  the attendance of the committee, team members and volunteers made up of a mix of InWorldz residents and veterans of RFL of SL.

The Chair of the Committe , Hairy Thor , gave the opening speech, followed by TIGGS Beaumont and by Sting Raymaker, the ACS Representative. The soundtrack of the event was taken care of by KyFire Oaklef.

At the Kickoff in Inworldz
At the Kickoff in Inworldz

At the end of the opening speeches there were dances and the first kiosk was rezzed where donations totalling 50,000 IWZ$ (100 USD) were deposited in just a few minutes.

For more information about RFLofIW see the the related blog at

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