The Blackened Mirror: the fun (noir) starts here …

Now that Episode 1 of The Blackened Mirror is out – the fun (noir) can start – and viewers can begin to explore different mysteries.

Harland Quinn - Private Investigator
Harland Quinn – Private Investigator

We’re suggesting that you look into three areas …

  1. The location of Quinn’s office
  2. The hidden web pages
  3. The destination that Quinn and his companions are heading for at the end of the episode

You’ll be able to explore these things both in Second Life and on the web. How? Well, start with the TV show – there are two key clues there – one to the city, and one to the name of the destination. A search on the web too might be useful – Google is definitely your friend here! Harland Quinn, Private Investigator has left a paper trail …

Dolores Dufaux, Quinn's long-suffering secretary
Dolores Dufaux, Quinn’s long-suffering secretary

Don’t forget to follow Dolores’s Twitter stream too – she’ll have information for you. You’ll find details of how to get to that elsewhere on the Blackened Mirror website – where you can find out more about all the characters.

What are you looking for?

On the web
You’ll find information about Quinn’s home city and some of the places and people there. People that Quinn mentions, like old Tom Lowry. You can find news stories about Quinn too – and if you start following the clues, you’ll find a hidden PI licence, some Blackened Mirror-inspired cocktails … and even a chance to be name-checked as a character in The Blackened Mirror yourself.

In Second Life
You’ll find links to much of the web materials (you may need to find those first, to discover Quinn’s location). Then there is a hunt – you can follow a day in the life of Quinn from location to location, learning more about him and the city he lives in. Some of this might be useful later on …

Ready to start? Let’s take a peek at A Day in the Life of Harland Quinn (Part 1)

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