Have you visited The Blackened Mirror at the HP Lovecraft Festival yet?

The Blackened Mirror at the HP Lovecraft Festival in Second Life
The Blackened Mirror at the HP Lovecraft Festival in Second Life

If you’ve been to the HP Lovecraft Festival in Staccato, we hope you’ve visited The Blackened Mirror stall!

Of course, you may be distracted on your way there, because there is certainly plenty to see and do on the Dark Carnival grounds. The carnival contains a market at which vendors are selling a variety of Lovecraft, Early 20th Century and Science Fiction wares. The big top on the carnival grounds is hosting weird and wonderful events. And there are ticket booths that provide festival information and even transport attendees to the various host sims that are taking part in the festival, with a different Lovecraft experience awaiting at each location! There will be several ticket booths on the carnival grounds as well as in each host sim. There is also be a festival wide hunt that will send participants searching high and low across the host sims for eldritch relics.

And there’s also some Fun Noir to be had at the Blackened Mirror’s stall. You’ll find links, gifts and a beautiful new poster to see. There’s also a rather intriguing playbill (and some very interesting information about a key character!).

Special Prize
Can you find a link between the playbill and a very famous Hollywood film about the world of the theatre? Tell us what the connection is – and the name of the film – and you could win a mention as a character on The Blackened Mirror!

Once you know the answer, send it to info@TheBlackenedMirror.com, with the heading Lovecraft Festival Game.

And – if you’re still looking for more Blackened Mirror material, don’t miss Millie’s Live Journal – the place where our favourite innocent young waitress records all her hopes, dreams and adventures!

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