Peter Jurasik joins The Blackened Mirror for a one-off special radio play and party!

Death in Velvet event at the Java Jive

Peter Jurasik, the well known American actor (Londo Mollari in Babylon 5, Sid the Snitch in Hill Street Blues) will be making a special appearance in a special spin off of The Blackened Mirror virtual TV series, to be broadcast on Sunday 14th October 2012.

Death in Velvet is a radio play, based on a short story by David Abbot, writer of The Blackened Mirror.  It relates one of the adventures of Harland Quinn, Private Investigator (and the central character of The Blackened Mirror) , and is set in the dieselpunk location of Seraph City.  Once again a dame walks into Quinn’s office …  and this can mean only one thing – trouble!

“I’m delighted that Peter has agreed to appear,” says Scott Simpson, who plays Harland Quinn.  “Peter is an old friend. It’s quite amazing that technology has progressed to the point where we can work together again without actually living in the same city!”“

“I worked on a film years ago called Tron that was all about people exploring a virtual world,” says Peter Jurasik. “And now here is a series that is actually being created in a virtual world. Remarkable, when you think about it.”

The Java Jive in Seraph City
The Java Jive in Seraph City

The radio play will be broadcast as part of a special celebration for Second Life fans of The Blackened Mirror.  The event will be a party at the Java Jive – a popular club in Seraph City in Second Life.  As well as music from popular DJ Victor Mornington, three instalments of the radio play will be broadcast during the course of the party, between 4pm – 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

So – is that the whole story? Not quite, says Saffia Widdershins, the show’s producer.

“The Blackened Mirror is more than a TV series or a web series,” she explains.  “It can be accessed via a range of social media  – and games are an important part of it.  We call this ‘fun noir’.  There’s a game for Death in Velvet too – you’ll hear Parts 1 to 3 … but the solution is in Part 4 – and we’re asking our listeners to guess what that solution is going to be!”

The Blackened Mirror
The Blackened Mirror

Although Death in Velvet will first be broadcast inworld, there will be a chance for people to hear the show on the web too.  But, once again, to hear the episodes, you will have to be prepared to join in the challenges.

“There will be fun noir here too,” said Saffia.  “Each episode will be on a hidden web page, and you will need to solve the clues to unlock the episodes!”

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