While waiting for the new episode of The Blackened Mirror – why not have fun in The Garden?

The new episode of The Blackened Mirror will be out next Friday (November 16th) but, in the meantime, if you are missing your fun noir, there’s an enthralling new game out in Second Life that we think aficionados of The Blackened Mirror might enjoy.

The Garden
The Garden

It’s called The Garden Game, and it’s a clue-based puzzle that incorporates gathering, exploration, and logic. Your goal is to seek the seven Guardians and their Artifacts to collect clues and solve the current puzzle round by discovering which Guardian committed which Sin and what Penance they suffered for their actions. At the end of each round of play you can pick one (and only one) Guardian to forgive.

The Garden itself is a mysterious location, full of whispers and secrets. Within its boundaries stand seven lost spirits, once charged with protecting and tending The Garden itself. Each of these fallen spirits committed a sin of betrayal against that they were bound to serve and each was sentenced to a penance for their transgression. By discovering their fates, you can help lead the spirit Guardians toward Peace and Forgiveness.

Obtaining your HUD in The Garden
Obtaining your HUD in The Garden

To play the game you will need to purchase a HUD (which costs 299 Lindens). The HUD allows you to track and record your progress, and also allows you to play with – or against – another player.

There’s also more information – and a video tutorial about the game – on The Garden website.

In The Garden
In The Garden

The game has been created by Grace McDunnough, Trav Rexen and Salome Strangelove. If you want more information, Honour Macmillan and Inara Prey have both posted excellent reviews on their blogs.

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