Key Events this weekend: SLActions and Machinima Expo

It’s a highly cultural weekend, with all sorts of events going on.

Two that have a Second Life element and yet which have resonance in the wider world are SLActions and The Machinima Expo.

SLACTIONS 2012 is a research conference on virtual worlds – Life, imagination, and work using metaverse platforms and is running from November 15-17, 2012.


SLACTIONS 2012 is the fourth edition of SLACTIONS, which was the first international conference held simultaneously in several countries on the topic of metaverse platforms. SLACTIONS aims at covering most areas currently enabled by metaverse platforms, from educational research to content production, from gender studies to media distribution, and from metaverse-based branding, advertising, and fundraising to emerging mash-ups and technology applications. SLACTIONS is unique in its format too, as a one-of-a kind event conducted both in a metaverse platform (Second Life) and on-site in multiple countries throughout the world. SLACTIONS thus contributes to the current redefinition of the way we think about hybrid online and on-site scholarly collaborations.

SLACTIONS has the format of a hybrid online and physical conference. All paper presentations and plenary sessions by guest speakers will be held on-line in the Second Life virtual world, and projected locally at local chapters, for participants attending physically. Physical participants can interact with the online participants via a “physical chapter avatar” and microphone. Participants will also be able to follow the proceedings broadcast on the Web and interact via a text chat applet.

Workshops and other events are conducted locally – or in mixed format accross several participating chapters – and local chapters may held local topical round tables.

You can read the full inworld programme here. Europeans might be pleased to learn that the schedule is skewed towards the eastern side of the Atlantic!


Machinima Expo
Machinima Expo

The Machinima Expo will be taking place this Friday through Sunday (Nov 16-18th). The actual festival takes place inside Second Life, but the event is also being LiveStreamed through the website. There is even a chat channel to the right of the screen where you can comment on the films and/or events as they happen. You don’t have to register, just type in a name and you are good to go.

If you want to know what the programming schedule is click this link for Programming. If you want a list of all of the films screening and what’s on any particular screening reel, download the Movie Reels document. Both are Google docs so you can download them in any format you like.

You can read more details on how to attend the event inworld (and visit a spectacularly beautiful sim) here.

Machinima Expo in New York
Machinima Expo in New York

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