Prim Perfect Jigsaw: Sway’s Advent Calendar

Sway's Advent Calendar
Sway’s Advent Calendar

Every year, Sway Dench of Sway’s creates the most wonderful advent calendar for her beautiful region SwayLand – and this year is no exception.

All over the SwayLand, Sway and her business partners have hidden 24 ‘Letters to Santa’. You have to find the Letters, touch them and you will get a notecard with a number and a password. Go to the Advent Calendar and touch the Giftbox with the same number, and follow the instructions.

For example:
it’s December 1st, search for the Letter with the number 1 password,
go to the Advent Calendar and touch SwayLand Advent Gift – 01:

Sway's Advent Calendar
Sway’s Advent Calendar

In chat you will see:
SwayLand Advent Gift – 01: Hello
SwayLand Advent Gift – 01: please tell me the correct password to get the gift
SwayLand Advent Gift – 01: type /01 ‘Password’

Type the Password in chat and you get the Advent Gift.

• Please note that you can only get each Advent Calendar Gift on the right day.
( #1 on Dec 1. – #2 on Dec 2. – #3 on Dec 3. … SL time)

Sway’s Advent Hunt is always very special, and packed with wonderful gifts.  And this year, I am awes that Sway has been able to put it together as she has had a considerable blow in real life, having been diagnosed with a brain tunour.  You can read about it here. As Sway explains, although the tumour seems to be benign, the surgery she has to have in January will be debilitating and will probably take some months to recover from.  Her primary source of income is Second Life.

Friends are coming together to support her – and you can too, through Together for Sway – and by going to her store and buying one of her adorable Cookie Bears, or perhaps some of her lovely furniture, her poses, her clothes … or any of her other gorgeous creations!

In the meantime … here’s a jigsaw!  And, as Sway is European … this one is in euros!

Click to Mix and Solve
Sway’s Advent Calendar


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