A loss to the Arts in Second Life; a loss to us all: Circe Broom

Circe on her beloved Laurel Arts Isle
Circe on her beloved Laurel Arts Isle

Circe Broom, the owner and creator of the beautiful Egyptian-themed Laurel Arts Isle and a long-time supporter of the Arts in Second Life – especially music and poetry – has died. The woman behind the avatar has passed away after a long illness.

Crap Mariner, who knew her well, has posted a short and beautiful tribute on his blog – and examples of Circe’s own 100 word stories.

Circe in her Temple on Laurel Arts Isle
Circe in her Temple on Laurel Arts Isle

I had visited Laurel Arts Isle for events a few times, but I first met Circe properly at the beginning of this year when we decided to feature the Isle and her work in a Designing Worlds show. She spoke on the show about the struggle to keep music venues open in Second Life in the face of high tier and dwindling returns. She also spoke to us about the difficulties of doing this with failing health.  What came shining through was her love of music, her love of Second Life, and above all her zest for life and her determination.

Sadly, shortly after the show was filmed, she had to give up the Isle. That wasn’t the end of her work and support for the Arts, though. She continued to work with and for poets and musicians in Second Life, even when she was resident in a hospice as the end drew near.

Memorial for Circe at Circe's New Poets Sanctuary, New Brighton
Memorial for Circe at Circe’s New Poets Sanctuary, New Brighton

The last time I saw her in the Pixel was at SL9B. The Egyptian stage there was intended, in part, as a tribute to Circe and her work in promoting Second Life music and musicians.  We hoped she would be around to see it – and she was.  Seeing Circe running up and down the dunes in KT Syakumi’s awesome desert, and her excitement as she found more and more treasures, was one of the real joys of SL9B for me.

The Desert Stage at Sl9B, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont
The Desert Stage at Sl9B, photographed by Wildstar Beaumont

We spoke after that, and I knew that the diagnosis was terminal, and that the end would not be long.  And now it has come. For me, as for so many of Circe’s many friends, the news that this vital vibrant woman is no longer with us is profoundly sad.

Here is Circe on Designing Worlds, talking about her beloved Laurel Arts Isle:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. When she saw the SL9B build… yeah, that was the highlight. KT and y’all did good there.

    I may have just been mucking stalls and getting folks onboarded, but was glad to be a part of the effort, because it meant a lot.


  2. I knew her for a couple of years in Second Life during a troubled time in my life, She was warm and supportive and full of helpful advice, Sadly we lost touch as our own projects took us in different directions.

    Wherever you are Circe, Im sure your helping others in one way or another.
    Thank you for helping guide this Dark soul back to the light.

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