Find out all about Peace on Earth and Womenstuff with Happy Hunting! – now on the web!

Now you can enjoy the new episode of Happy Hunting! with Cinders Vale and Rosamoo Mendelsohn and an interview with Sequoia Nightfire and ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat of the amazing Peace on Earth Hunt and to get the latest news of The Blackened Mirror!

Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hunt SL, our hunt reporter, is on hand with all the latest hunt news, and some examples of the wonderful items she’s found – and this week, she focuses on a major ongoing hunt – The Womenstuff Hunt! You can see more details of the amazing things she’d found – and upcoming hunts – here in her special post.

Cinders Vale, our host, talked to Sequoia Nightfire and ElaraGloriana Scrabblebat of the Peace on Earth Hunt, now in its fifth year! She hears all about their plans for what is probably one of the best known hunts on the Second Life calendar.

And there’s a chance to see again Episode 5 of The Blackened Mirror, as Harland Quinn discovers a very uncomfortable truth about the woman who has been employing him …

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