Prim Perfect Talks at the SL Christmas Expo: Judy Chestnut of Dwarfins!

Today the talk in the gorgeous Prim Perfect Pavilion is at 3pm, when Judy Chestnut will be talking with Cinders Vale about the new Dwarfins.

Meet the Dwarfins
Meet the Dwarfins: Permission to use this image given by Judy Chestnut

The Dwarfins are a fascinating new project, released on December 8th, and created by Simul8 Studios.

“Banished from the land they were born, separated from their creator, the Dwarfins must now find a way to survive on their own. Will you help them build their community and learn the secrets of creating life?”

Dwarfins is a fascinating new game, moving beyond breedable pets into creating a whole complex community. Game play will center around the Dwarfins themselves as they venture into the world and begin to create their own community, village or even a kingdom around themselves. The Dwarfins have been hand crafted by two of the finest artisans in Second Life,  to resemble the best looking Dwarfs you have ever seen. A mix of mesh and sculpts and only 11 (prims) land impact, they are hugely impressive.

Judy will be talking about the potential of the Dwarfins and how the game play will be constructed.  And you can find out more at or visit the sim: But as a starting point, do come to today’s talk and enjoy the chance to question the project manager, Judy Chestnut!


We have a full programme of talks coming up at the Expo – make sure that you don’t miss them!

Date Time Interviewee Topic Interviewer
Thursday, December 6th 3pm Heavenly Villa & Honey Lusch Home & Garden Market Village Saffia Widdershins
Friday, December 7th Happy Hunting! taping
Saturday, December 8th 3pm Auryn Beorn Scripting & education in Second Life Cinders Vale
5pm Isla Gealach Cheeky Pea and The Nest Saffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 9th 3pm Cain Maven Meshing about in Second Life Saffia Widdershins
5pm Maxwell Graf, Charlotte Bartlett and Loz Hyde Mesh creations Saffia Widdershins
Monday, December 10th 3pm Judy Chestnut Dwarfin Cinders Vale
Tuesday, December 11th 3pm Froukje Hoorenbeek Dutchie and working with mesh Saffia Widdershins
Wednesday, December 12th 3pm Rosamoo Mendelsohn & Xia Nishi Hunting! Saffia Widdershins
5pm Jessii2009 Warrhol Nexgen Aviation & Tribute Cinders Vale
Thursday, December 13th 3pm Callie Cline Business in Second Life Saffia Widdershins
5pm DeeAnne Dufaux Builder’s Brewery and Park Place Cinders Vale
Friday, December 14th Happy Hunting! 3pm Happy Hunting! show (with an interview from the Expo, and the final episode in this season of The Blackened Mirror)
Saturday, December 15th 3pm Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch Strangelings Cinders Vale
5pm Mal Burns & Tara Yeats TV in the Metaverse Saffia Widdershins
Sunday, December 16th 3pm Heavenly Villa & Bill Kaye Centre for Business Development Saffia Widdershins
Monday, December 17th 3pm Honour Macmillan Blogging Second Life Saffia Widdershins
Tuesday, December 18thSaffia 3pm Edward Pearse Christmas Traditions Saffia Widdershins
Wednesday, December 19th 3pm PARTY!!! DJ’d by Victor Mornington

Come along and learn more at 3pm and 5pm SLT! And we don’t think we are too hard to find …

Christmas Expo 2012, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont
Christmas Expo 2012, photograph by Wildstar Beaumont

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